Time stamp problems

I note that some of the comments I see are posted at a future time. I figured I had set the time wrong on my account, but no, it's correct.

Anybody else having this problem? I seem to remember some discussion about this a few weeks ago, but couldn't find it...


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Blame the ISP :P

A cyniucal guess would be that the ISP we go thru does not sync their machines' clocks properly with an NTP time server.

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It's fixed now

I guess ygor shook something up. But the times are correct now. Even ones that had the incorrect time are now correct - or at least not in the future...


I hate to reply to my own comment again, but...

I now see that the problem is that the "Recent comments" side bar on the right hand side of the page shows the time stamp in UTC. But the main body of comments shows the correct time as set up in my user profile.

Though you'd like to know...