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I've been hanging out a few days, posting, etc. but haven't introduced myself properly. I guess it's partly because it's a bit embarrassing to admit it, but I'm a PDA-user. And it's Apple's fault, for creating the amazing Newton all those years ago!

Some background. I started with paper, of course, in the middle 80s, as a college student, using the awesom DayTimer Jr. Pocket (that was what it was called back then). It was small enough to be my wallet, yet full enough to drive my entire schedule. I found one month's worth of 2-page-per-day refills, and immediately saw how it could help me out of my procrastination/complex schedule, and stuck with the system for the next several years. After graduation, I no longer needed the tiny size, nor the 2 pages per day, and moving the "classic" size, dropped to a 1 page per day, and eventually the 2 pg per week. A few years later, I began traveling in an itinerent ministry. At that time, I was using a Classic-sized Daytimer _and_ 3x5 cards for my meetings, with a 43-folder tickler system. There ws no hipster then. ;-) However, as time wore on, paper was not sufficient to keep me on top of my schedule. There is one area where paper falls drastically short--reminders. I needed something to shove itself in my face, reminding me to make that all-important phone call, or write that essential letter, and it wouldn't hurt to have the phone number and letter template at hand either. Well, at the time, I was way too poor to afford a laptop, but the Newton was right in my price range. I bought one, and hardly looked at paper for years--I still use 3x5 cards for meetings, though. I write on them what I do, who I met, and other essential details. When I go back to a church, I can pull out the card, glance at it, and remember everything. It's fun to watch the face of a pastor, or even better, a family in the church, when I remember minor details about them from our previous visit. :-) Of course, the cards can only act as a spur to my memory, but it's a great help!

I recently switched to using a Palm, and find it essential--however, I've come to the conclusion that while Palms and Newtons are great for some things--they don't do other things as well as I would like.

Also, I still have an undying love for all things paper. My wife "loves" me for this. ;-) I'm bad about looking at paper planners, or making templates and printing them out--never to seriously use them, of course, but I share them with friends--Then I found DIYPlanner! Well, my works are all in the trash bin now! ;-) There is great stuff here! So, while I cannot hope to really use most of it, it's great fun to play with it, and I'm finding that the Hipster can be a great supplement to the Palm.

Actually, what I'm using now is the PocketMod printed out (or PaperPack with hipster templates--can't decide which I like more!), and stuck into my Palm case behind the Palm. I figured out how to arrange the pages, and print on both sides to make a thinner Pocketmod. I use these for quick notes, new addresses, and all financial transactions that matter. Also, I have learned that todos don't work well on a computer, whether a Palm Newton or laptop/desktop. I really need the paper there in front of me. I've come to rely on both Hipster forms and the Printable CEO Emergent Task Planner for these.

So, that's my life story--dull as it may be, but at least you have an idea of who this odd guy who suddenly appeared on the site is.

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official welcome :D

Glad you found this site :D

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