Taking the Circa/Rollabind Plunge

So I have decided that in the long run, Circa/Rollabind will save me money. I can use up all the old notebooks I have around the house and not worry about the pages being odd sizes... I can finally get my sketches and art works in order... plus, I can have some fun punching SMURFS whenever the feeling hits me.

I found an auction on Ebay... my friend agreed to bid on it for me... then I just reimburse him for the winning bid :D

Wish me luck... ♥

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Better get the bulk economy pack of discs, then, if you've got all those projects in mind. :)

I bought a 'crafters kit' with my punch, then bought another hundred Jumbo rings and thought I was overbuying.

I think I have 9 small rings and maybe 20 jumbos left. :) And I've got another disc assortment on the way.


Good luck!

And welcome to the Dark Side.... :)

Okay, not really. Welcome to the EXPENSIVE side. 'Cause you just can't stop once you start...


Circa/Rollabind Plunge

Welcome to the Collective!

Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.


impatience is a virtue?

I don't to wait until Monday to see if I win... I want my new toy.. errrr I mean organizational assistance device now... heheh.
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sad days...

seems to be a bad streak for me these days...

Didn't win the auction... ::sigh::
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Sorry Sara, I was really hoping you would get it.

impatience is a virtue?

I thought they was little flowers :)
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winter blues

my family has a history of seasonal affective disorder... aka the winter blues... and i already am under treatment for depression... so things have been getting very difficult lately.

you comment really brightened up my morning... silly as it may be. thank you ♥

Good news, there is a new auction that I'm determined is going to be mine. funny thing is, the first auction I thought I would try for I didnt, but the bid I would have entered would have one. This last one was lost because of log-in issues on my friends computer... and I would have won. So maybe it was a way to get me to wait until this "KIT"... so many goodies... :D wish me luck~!

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rollabind eye candy

So, inspired by the choices in Levenger and wanting to see more I visited www.rollabind.com. OK, now I want the rollabind discs in some of the fun customized patterns they show as samples. Maybe they have a job overrun outlet/sale bin somewhere.....

sad night... :sigh:

Lost the auction in the last 25 seconds... I'm starting to hate ebay lol.

So no circa/rollabind fun...

... yet. :)
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Buy what?

Hi Sara.

What was it you were trying to buy, a punch?

KeepOnCrafting.com has the desktop model for $53.95 (on sale right now). I've ordered from them, they're fairly speedy when the item isn't backordered. Wilde-Ideas.com has the same one for $56.95, their customer service is very good.


presentation kit

I was bidding on an almost complete presentation kit. It was only used to make two samples according to the seller... came with covers, lots of discs, and the desk top punch. I will have to look into the two places you listed :D Thanks~!

Where do you buy your discs from? (I think I remember you writing about finding them for quite a bit cheaper than the Rollabind website).
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buying discs


I bought the crafters kit originally from KeepOnCrafting. They were running a 28% off sale for their grand opening (for months), so I got the kit with the portable punch. Later I bought the desktop punch and a few packs of discs from them as well.

A month ago I was trying to order the pastel assortment kit, but it was out of stock nearly everywhere. I tried a couple of different outfits on ebay and was very annoyed that it would take so long for them to find out they were out of stock on something they'd listed on ebay (ARGH!). Wilde-Ideas had it on their website and they were running a 20% off sale (off an already-discounted price) for Valentine's day. After I ordered, they said they didn't have most of the stuff I wanted (the kit and three packages of black discs) but they said they'd break down other packages to build what I needed--without the handy plastic tackle box to store them in. I happen to have a pallet full of tackle boxes within easy reach, so getting them in little bags wasn't a problem. It still took some time for them to assemble what was needed--they had to wait for an order of discs to come in, I guess. But I finally did get every piece I'd ordered, all in one shipment.

So, keep watch on Wilde-Ideas as St. Patty's day comes around and see if they don't run a sale. KeepOnCrafting is having a 10% off sale right now for some unspecified length of time. That one is a one-woman-show who heads across town to the wholesaler to pick up her stuff. Neither one of the sites synchs their web site to their stock levels, so you have to wait a couple of days to find out there's a problem (if there's a problem) but you can email them, call them, etc. to find out what's what.

I wish they'd make an assortment kit of business colors--black, white, navy blue, silver.. The assortments are significantly cheaper per piece than buying by the pack (especially when you find a good sale)--but you're stuck with the colors in the assortment. Basically you get 24 discs per color/size in the assortment--fifteen different combos in the box.

MC2Office.com has bulk discs--by the hundred count--but they're having trouble with their supply because the mfr was bought. They don't trust the info on the website, they're not sure who owns the patent anymore, etc. So you should email them to find out what's in stock before you order. They couldn't reach me on the phone, so they only shipped half of my order. Grr. They charge $10 flat rate shipping on the small stuff, so it made the discs more expensive per piece. But they have good prices--better than the regular package sizes by far. They're in Canada, though, so it takes longer for the stuff to arrive. Last time I spoke to the guy, they had blue in stock but not black in the size I wanted.


winning at E-Bay


The joy of actually bidding in an auction has long been gone: EBay is really nothing more than a retailer for small businesses. It was fun while it lasted, but, alas...

That said, there are ways to ensure that you win in their auctions.

Have you taken a look at snipes? Here are two services that pretty much guarantee you'll win your bids, and you'll be able to control how much you are willing to pay:


I've used bidnapper before, and done well with it; I think you would be happy with either. Good luck!
- Frank

Rolla at Staples

Inspired by the circa/rollabine discussions I thought I would give the whole thing a shot and stopped by a Staples. The rolla notebooks were in pretty bad shape. The fabric covered ones were all warped. Every single one. In addition, 9 of the 11 fabric covered notebooks nad the top three tabs of the cover damaged so much that they would no longer hold onto the disc. The faux leather were in much better shape. I even picked one out. But, alas and alack, the store did not have a punch which severely limits the whole diy aspect of adding your own notes, cards, etc. so I passed.

lol trying again

A dear friend has today off and is going to try his best to make sure that I win THIS

Cross some fingers people... and send me some good karma... fifth times the charm, right? ;P

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almost oops

I almost put in a bid on that.


I should put a bit on it...

...then sell it to you :)

But I won't. Good luck. That is the same setup I have.
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...it's got SILVER discs in it.

You are going to have such fun.

Your friend's handle is "duggy2" I hope - That's high bidder with less than 30 minutes to go.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


His name is Dave40K or something... I just called him and told him he was scaring me crapless... I'm at work, just found out I completely messed up a job I worked very hard on and now have to redo (boss is gonna be livid)... and my ebay auction was just... sitting... there... EEEEeeeeek

He's been watching it for an hour and is ready to go in for the kill. He thinks I'll get a great deal on it. :oD I'm soooo hoping... I need a good thing today~!

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He got it...

...for $65

And it was a tough battle. 14 bids -- and 7 of them in the last 30 seconds !!!

Congrats. You still got a deal.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Probably a lot of sniping

Probably a lot of sniping going on. :) There are quite a few programs out there that let you 'snipe' on ebay - entering bids at the last minute (or second) automatically. A search of snipe + ebay should give you a number of sites.

I've never used one, but I know of others who swear by sniping. (I don't do much ebay shopping, so it's not that big of an issue for me.)

Congrats on the win, Sara! You're going to have great fun with that kit. Be sure to post pics of some of your creations!


I used "Dave 2.0" ... nothing better than a dedicated friend to help win an auction~!

And pictures will be coming... I promise! In fact, I think it might get to the point where yall tell me to STOP with the pictures ;P

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Zou won!!!

Great deal! Now I'm jealous... ;-)


There's more to be had...

I saw a few others on eBay at decent prices.

Go for it.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


I just did my 'happy-I won dance' around the office... everyone can tolerate my goofiness today~! I dont care 'cause I WON~!!! ::gigglefits::

Thank you for the good luck and karma boost~!

now back to work... dun dun dun. : /

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Now you've been assimilated for sure!!

Resistance is futile... (P-|

Strength is irrelevant.
Freedom is irrelevant.
Lower your shields and surrender your ships.
We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own.
Your culture will adapt to service us.
Resistance is futile.
We are the DIY-Borg.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

silver discs

I hope the silver discs look as cool as they sound, and as cool as they do in the pictures I've seen. I ordered 1" discs from Levenger and decided the Silver would go really well with the black Circamagine notebook cover. Now I really can't wait for my order to get here! It was supposed to ship out yesterday. WHY OH WHY do they have to use a shipping method with no package tracking?!!?



I recieved notification with a tracking number just last night... strange that yours hasn't been the same o.O

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tracking number

I *did* receive a tracking number. It is shipping via USPS smartpost. Here's what happens if I try to look it up on www.usps.gov "There is no record of this item" I'm hoping that means the post office just takes a little while to get the information into their system.



I got that message last night when I first got the email. Now I can track it and it started its journey to my eager hands at 4:00pm last evening :D

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Tracking #

Kenny - I have noticed that with ebay orders who use USPS, the tracking #'s they send in the email do not really work. This may or may not be the case for you. Also, with USPS, I think they only update the tracking web site once a day - in the evening. Not sure if this helps, but I also have an order floating out there from another web site that used usps...

nay nay

not an ebay order

This isn't an ebay order. It is from Levenger.


ebay - lev

I realize it is a lev order - i was just using ebay shipping as an example. good luck!

glad I didn't bid!

Congrats Sara! I'm glad I didn't bid on it. We'd be fighting over it or something.



Sad thing is not many people know what it is... I tried to explain it and my friend says "so its like a bedazzler thing,... thats great" (insert sarcasm for the end).

Rollabind/Circa > > > than anything relating to rhinestones... pshhh :D

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