A little horn-tooting...

I hope this is OK, I'm really excited about something that happened today and wanted to share it with people who would appreciate this kind of thing...

I came back from a client meeting this afternoon to find my inbox stuffed with messages all sent from my website e-mail form, and all asking about my hPDA templates.

The surge was unusually large, so when I wrote people back I asked them how they found my site. And a couple wrote back saying, "Oh, didn't you hear?..."

Merlin Mann's 43 Folders (43 FOLDERS!!!) found my templates and featured them late yesterday, and then Lifehacker (LIFEHACKER!!!) picked up the story this morning and made my humble little templates a Download of the Day! And from there, a bunch of other sites linked to it and by the end of the day my little downloads page was the day's fourth most popular link on del.icio.us!

I scared the cat right out of the room with all my cheering and jumping and fist-pumping. I'm still grinning.

The templates made their debut here on D*I*Y Planner. You folks inspire me so much, and I value your encouragement and suggestions. What a great community this is!


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That is great news~!

I would be very excited too... wow lifehacker ~! That's my Valentine if you hadn't heard ;P

Hope the new found fame doesn't detract from your productivity... ♥ heheh
my artwork


Thanks for making those, I pronted some of them today, and they are great! I especially liked the 'proofreaders' notes.
Thanks again, Brandy


Hitting 43F and LH in one fell swoop is a great accomplishment indeed. You've produced some amazing, very creative designs there, so you definitely deserve it!

all my best,