Scanning my way to organization?

Less paper, more organization?

I know, it sounds wacky in a forum espousing paper and all the joy that writing brings, and I understand. But, I'm innundated with all of the papers and writings that I've kept throughout the years. GTD is working (slowly), and I want to scan all of the bulky files that I'm keeping into PDFs or tiffs and organize them.

I'd truly appreciate recommendations for a good scanner with an automatic document feeder. I tried the HP 5610 All-in-One, but returned it after about half an hour since it just wasn't quite right.

Here are the vitals of what I'm seeking:
-automatic document feeder
-about 300-400 dollars (less, if possible!)
-doesn't need to scan photos
-possibly have the ability to use PaperPort?

Also, does software exist (for XP) that could act like Flickr and provide a thumbnail of the scanned PDF with the ability to add tags? I'm pretty sure that there's something similar for a Mac, but alas....

Thank you.

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Doesn't Google own Picasa? It's free, I think.

(Being a Mac user, I have no experience with this)