Dividers/Page Markers that don't stick out

I am inordinately pleased with this little creation, so I thought I'd share in case it suits someone else's needs, too.

Problem: I wanted an easy way to turn to particular pages in my carry notebooks.

Projecting tabs are the obvious solution, but they quickly get mangled or torn off in the jumble of my tote. I'd been using the 'color a stripe down the edge of a page' method to indicate section breaks, which works fairly well, except that it makes a permanent and unmovable mark. What I wanted was to be able to turn to the next unused page of a section.

My solution: Color-coded magnetic corner huggers!

Using a corner cut from an envelope as a book mark is an old trick. It slides onto the chosen page easily, is infinitely repositionable, and can be spotted from top or side easily. Unfortunately, unless the book is simply sitting on your bedside table, the corners slide off and get lost just as easily. My brainstorm was to add magnets to both sides of the corner so it will cling to itself through the page, serving to keep the tab just where it belonged.

The corners hold beautifully. I've deliberately shaken a slightly splayed open notebook as hard as I could – not one of the corners flew lose.

How to make them is pretty obvious, but if anyone wants to duplicate mine exactly, here you go:

Supplies needed: Some of that magnetic plastic stuff, the so-thin-it's-flexible kind (I cannibalized a fridge advertising one that just arrived stuck to new phone books.) and a colored envelope. Also a glue stick, scissors, and a pen & ruler if you want to be meticulous about this.

1) Use one of the 'bottom' corners of the envelope. Draw a line across the corner forming a right triangle with legs about 2” long. At the center of the line, on the side away from the corner, draw a half-inch square sticking out from the line. (Viewed from the proper orientation, this should look vaguely like a little house with a hugely over-sized roof perched on it.) Cut this “house” free from the envelope, through both layers of the envelope. (Or just draw and cut free hand. This isn't rocket science.)

2) Cut a matching pair of right triangles from the magnet, with the legs just slightly smaller than legs of the 'roof.'

3) Match the magnetic triangles together, printed sides out. Smear glue stick all over the printed sides. (Messy. Sorry.)

4) Slide the gluey-magnet triangle sandwich inside the roof. It should completely disappear into the envelope corner. Set a book or something on top, and let it sit a while.

5) Bend the tabs (the 'house') away from each other far enough to rub glue stick on the inside of each. Don't let them touch each other again! Carefully bow apart the two layers of magnet far enough to bend the tabs over flush, so they are glued down to the magnet. (These tabs create a weak spot that lets you open the corner much more easily when you need to slide it onto a new page.)

And that's it.

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