Question about the Circa Punches and Rings

I'm brand new to this and now really want to go with the Circa binding system. Can I only buy a hole punch and rings from Circa? Are there knockoffs? I can't spend the money that Circa wants right now.


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Yes, you can buy the punch

Yes, you can buy the punch and the rings to make your own notebooks. I would suggest you get some covers, too - each set has 4 covers to make 2 notebooks. And get the desktop punch so you can make notebooks up to letter size.

Is this a knock off though?

I can't afford Circa's system yet.


Knock off? Well, if you get

Knock off?

Well, if you get the covers, too, then you'll have a proper Levenger notebook. The Levenger logo and name are on the back covers. :)

Sorry I'm not being clear.

Sorry I'm not being clear. I'm wondering if there is a knock off/alternative to Circa. Like Day Runner is to Day Timer etc. I really like the Circa/Rollabind systems but can't afford the hole punches and rings.


Rollabind is the original

Rollabind is the original that Levenger branded as Circa. Rollabind is cheaper, too. There's a plastic version of the desktop punch that costs less than $30/-, but I'm not sure how sturdy it is. I also heard the Rollabind company was sold recently and there's been a bit of delay with orders.

Ok, thanks for all your

Ok, thanks for all your help!


Portable punch


The portable punch is metal, it is sturdy and well built. It is a good alternative to the desktop punch if you want to carry it with your scrapping supplies, or stick it in your briefcase to take to work.

The desktop punch weighs 4 lbs, the portable punch is by far lighter.




There are no knockoffs to Rolla/Circa at this point--they're still under patent protection.

However, if you search long and hard, you can find some vendors who carry the discs for a lower price than what Levenger offers. Rollabind is slightly more than half the price on discs than Levenger, and I've found Rollabind products on the internet for as much as 30% off the Rollabind price.

But until the patent runs out there won't be any truly cheap alternatives. Even when the patent runs out there may not be many people flocking to produce cheap discs, since the market isn't huge. If Carl (the company that has apparently bought Rollabind) can put some marketing muscle behind the brand, then that might change.



Thanks! I'm going to hold off until I'm consistent with a planner. It will be my bribe! =)


I know how you feel

I'm pretty much in the same boat - I really want to get a full Circa planner going, but right now it would seem kind of silly. I've already got a Franklin planner with the 2007 calendar pages when I read about Circa. I've got a Rollabind notebook and a sample Circa notebook (thanks to Ryan for the Circa!) The Circa is letter size with monthly & weekly calendar pages up until the first week of April. I've decided instead of spending however much money on calendar pages and whatever else I decide to get, I'm going to use it until the pages run out then decide which size makes the most sense to me.


rollabind handled cover has, among other products, a rollabind notebook with a handled polyethylene cover. That looks pretty cool too. Not the cachet of a Circa leather cover but also only a fraction of the price.

Kenny The great thing about


The great thing about Circa (and Rollabind) is you can use any size of paper and they will all fit into one notebook. Of course, you will probably need to decide on the largest size so that it will accommodate the smaller sizes.

which size Circa?

Chet: that's the problem I'm running into. I think Letter size might be too big to carry around all the time. If I start with Letter and decide it is too big, I can't put my Letter pages in a Junior size notebook. But if I start with Junior and decide it is too small, I can just toss the pages in a bigger notebook. To make this even more confusing: most of the sample I got was Letter size. The Junior size stuff I got is a Rollabind notebook, Levenger covers and small rings and address book pages.


PS. Apologies to GotSpots. I just enabled contact info in my profile... Anyone who wants to give advice or get opinions from a Rollabind/Levenger Circa newbie, feel free to contact me. If you want to talk to someone who knows what he is talking about, I'm sure Ryan from Levenger is around here somewhere.

Which size Circa? - My System

I too was faced with this dilema when I started using the Circa System about six months ago. My decision to go with the letter sized transclucent note book as my "onebook" was bolstered by the fact 75% of my incoming reference material were already preprinted on letter sized paper. Easy to punch and insert.
My system is the transclucent notebook functioning my primary planner, consisting of daily appointment pages with a format I designed myself and print on the Levenger Cornell style ruled pages. The tasks action section is maintained effectively using the Levenger printed To Do pages . I have a seperate Project section where all projects commanding more than 5 tasks get set up on a seperate Levenger project page. I also keep a list of all Projects at the front of my project section which I review every week.
And the most powerful section of my onebook has turned out to be the "notes and journal" section. It is located in the front of the book and catches all incoming information as well as maintaining my business journal entries daily. The sidebar on the Cornell style sheets really pay big dividends in capturing improptu tid bits of info that used to find themselves on the backs of envelopes, in the corners of stray papers, on the palm of my hand, scribbled on my dog etc.(Dog makes a nice capture tool, just do not use a permanent pen) And the information is there on the date it came in. As for contacts, I maintain a section in the rear of the notebook of frequently called contacts not committed to memory.
Sounds like a fat book? Not so. With the ample writing room the Levenger sheets provide you can carry a wealth of information around without the assistance of a forklift.
I am in the process of completing a whitepaper on my entire system and the productivity management style that drives it. If there are any interested parties I can post here.
Oh........that Jr. Size Levenger notebook--serves as a portable HPDA.


bad influence

Ooops. After reading your comment, George, I decided that I need some bigger rings and some more pages. I drive by Staples on the way to work. I ended up buying a letter size Rollabind notebook. Luckily the rings seemed better than on the Jr size. I took all the stuff from my Circa (including the Levenger cover) and put it on the Rollabind rings (about twice as big as the Circa ones I have). I put the Rollabind covers and the other stuff I didn't want from it on the Circa rings. I'm going to use my Levenger notebook (with Rollabind rings) as my main planner and the Rollabind notebook (on smaller Levenger rings) as an "archive" notebook. Hopefully I'll be able to save my pennies and at least get a Circa punch here soon...


bad influence

Sounds like you are working out quite an interesting system.
You do know you can purchase rings from Levengers and I think rollabind online as well, that would eliminate purchasing the notebook to get additional rings (I used to do this in the begining of using Circa / Rollabind products).
It would be interesting to follow the evolution of your system.

patent'll expire in 5

patent'll expire in 5 years...

patent application in 1998, got in 1999 i believe, 15 year duration... so....

anyone selling rollabind/circa punch, etc? I'm looking to start.

Do you mean Rollabind's patents ?

They have been declared invalid.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Great! And the other patents

Great! And the other patents (1993, 1986, etc) should be expired already!
so... why arent there some knock-off manufacturers?
anyone know whats keeping people from making these things for cheap, esp the punch, which is prob not too different to make from a regular 3-hole punch, which can be found for like 10 bucks; def not $59 + shipping.

anyone selling rollabind/circa punch, etc? I'm looking to start.


You're making me it even more!!! LOL