New Stuff at Levenger


Have y'all looked at Levenger's site in the last two or three days?


Lots of new stuff including the new Circa PDA and business card size Pocket Briefcase.

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PDA cover

Oh man.

This one is *such* a temptation. I SO did not think it would be, but wow.

And OMG the forms they've made for that size!!! Nice variety on that set, really.

*sigh* My birthday is coming up, I wonder if I can get someone to buy me one. :)



I loooooooooooooooooooove that blue color. I dunno how long I can be strong...

Oh Crap!

That is all I can say.... Oh, and I got paid today.... Double crap! I have been so strong the last few weeks and now that beautiful blue pda comes along.... Oh crap!
nay nay

Boston in April

My long Levenger list for my visit in Boston in April? Amended. I am now up to 204$ from the original 194$.



Well, I caved. It took all of 5 minutes to pull out the credit card! I bot the blue pda cover, a pack of sample cards, and the colored dividers. I'm excited to receive it, but I am yelling at myself on the inside. Oh well, my heart always wins over my mind!
nay nay

Bang !

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


I'm really really really close behind you, nay nay. In my shopping cart right now are:

The Bluebell hpda cover (I plan to name my CircaPDA "Bluebell". Creative, huh?)
Sample hpda forms
Portable smurfer

That's $80 I don't need to spend. My credit card is cringing in the corner of my purse. I keep trying to coax it out, telling it how lucky it is that I am not buying way more stuff than that.

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Circa PDA

I am going to have to get several sets of the Circa PDA dividers. And maybe a Circa PDA as well, it all looks sooooo good! Perhaps I should just have my paycheck directly deposited to Levenger now.
Anacora Imparo

What size are the rings?

This PDA is tempting me to try Circa - but what size are the rings? Their web page says silver but doesn't say how many pages it will hold. Maybe Ryan knows?


ring size


The plastic covers on Circa books usually have half-inch rings and the leather ones 3/4" to allow for the thicker covers.

Have you guys seen

Has anyone seen or used this sutff from Royce Leather ?
Looks like some cool stuff.

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The Index Card Dispenser!

I am in love with this index card dispenser. Darn you! I usually only allow myself to look at the "on sale" items at Levenger, never the new items...

"Buy all" button

Sigh. Why don't they just have a 'buy everything' button? I mean... that new seaglass pen is just gorgeous... the covers are wonderful, the dividers, and pages, and... yeesh, I still have stuff that hasn't arrived yet from my last indulgence with them.

LOL, Levenger is not

LOL, Levenger is not perfect. For example, I don't like any of the colours available for the new Circa PDA notebook. Yes, I can always get the leather ... not! It's too expensive!

But overall, I do agree Levenger does some nice stuff. They have come a long way from a few years ago. I was just going through my diaries last night and came across references to Levenger purchases as far back as 1999! A lot of my Levenger related diary entries were accompanied by a promise that it would be my last purchase from them but that was one promise I never kept. I also found complaints about product quality in my old diary entries. The fact that I am still buying from them shows the quality has improved. (Or I'm an idiot).


yummmm levenger

oh why did i have to peak ...why? lol...
my artwork

Circa PDA on Levenger's catalog cover

Came home from work to find the latest Levenger catalog in the mail, with the Circa PDA on the cover! W00t!!!

What a great validation for Doug and the templateers of the world! You guys, this one's for you.

Somewhere in California, Merlin Mann is smiling...

It's been said here already, but boy do they have some nice template designs, and -- YESSSS! -- tabs too. I was also pleased to see that they're using actual 3x5 card size inserts, as opposed to the inserts they used in the original 3x5 notebook that had the perforated edges. As usual, when Levenger decides to do something they do it right!

I carry my hPDA in my back pocket. I wonder if the leather one will be too thick for that. Not that it's going to keep me from buying one!

OK, enough babbling. Time to go order! I love the "buy everything" button idea. :-D


they were quick on the bomber jacket circa

i heard that they were considering doing the circa in the bomber jacket leather, but that it might be 6 months before it came to pass. well, it is in the current catalog already!

now i just have to decide where i'm going with this GTD system -- letter size, compact, hipster.

please don't say one of each (fortunately no hipster in the bomber jacket ... yet).

Hey Ryan?

I also got my paper catalog yesterday - I do love to peruse the paper copy. I sometimes find it hard to get a feel for what things really look like from the website.

Anywho, I have a question:

In the photo of the "Priority Manager" Drawer/Tray, there are some file folders peeking out which appear to be printed to look like old maps. Very cool and attractive, to my eye anyway. Any idea where the folks who do your photography got them? I love the way they look. Make a very personalized statement.

Just curious,