The Desk Apprentice

Has anyone actually used of these things? I saw it on, and figured that it would be the PERFECT thing to /finally/ organize my desk.


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Hi X.

Never used one of those, but from a design standpoint I'm not exactly wowed. If you put letter-size pads or notebooks in all the outside pockets (just as an example) then you'll have to stand up to get at the stuff you keep in that center section. The gadget is pretty tall, especially with letter pads or notebooks in the pockets, and it looks like it will take up a lot of space.

If you've got a plain table for a desk, (or a door on sawhorses, or whatever) I'd be more inclined to go with a drawer set (on wheels or not) that fits under the table than a gizmo to sit on top. But that's just me. Right now I've got crap all over the top of my desk because this desk doesn't provide any good storage space underneath. :)


I have a regular desk. Well,

I have a regular desk. Well, the door-on-two-filing-cabinets-desk, but you get the idea. The reason I want this is because I have too much random paper on my desk, and the paper trey system isn't working for me. Also, it would cut down on enough clutter that I think it would actually take up LESS room than if I didn't use it, since about half my desk is unusable right now.

I have a simple table for a

I have a simple table for a desk and believe me, get a caddy with wheels. Way better.

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Eh, yeah, but I don't have

Eh, yeah, but I don't have enough room on my floor for a caddy. I think that the Desk Apprentice is the best bet for my situation. I was just wondering if anyone else had any experience with it.

Even under the desk? Cause

Even under the desk? Cause that's where I keep mine.

"It's better to be a pirate than to join the Navy." -- Steve Jobs

My Dad seems to think that

My Dad seems to think that he gets to control my room, so I'm not allowed to put anything more under my desk. ><;;

I can't wait to move out...

And since my desk is 5' by 30", it won't take up as much space as the load of crap that I haave on it right now.

My Dad seems to think that

My Dad seems to think that he gets to control my room


Tremendous loss of desk space for little gain

This thing would suck up a serious fraction of my available desk space. Most of the junk I could put in it is usually NOT on top of my desk, so I would not spend my money on such a gadget.
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Flickr picture

I could not see the apprentice, as I am accessing the Target site from the UK and they want my post code. I saw a caddy called an apprentice on Flickr , and there was also a discussion about it here, but it centered around decorating it with a different skin.

Thanks for the link

I couldn't get to the Desk Apprentice via the Office Depot site (not having a zip code to enter). Turns out I have one too; except mine's a milk crate with a few file folders on the outside attached by large clips and bluetack, and several file folders inside it too. Mine's very battered and pink in color (comes in green too, but that one is used to hold my pink one up off the floor at desk height). ;)

Seriously though, it does sound like a neat product, and seeing the photo has given me some ideas on how to "accessorize" mine. I never thought of using cloths pins and labeling the pins with topics to make things easier to find; or putting a pen holder on the outside. My desk space is at a premium (the desk is too small for the computer). I use blue tack on a nearby bookshelf to hold up reference papers and there's just enough room between my monitor and the edge of the desk for a coffee cup on one side, and a book on the other. My next major purchase should be another flatscreen monitor ... just to reclaim desk realestate.

I have one and love it. I

I have one and love it. I have a U-shaped desk that's made up of a L-shaped desk and a table. I have it under the table, sitting on an Iris File-N-Stack file tote. I keep files I use often in the center file section. In the side file pockets, I keep papers to file, legal pads, file folders, clip boards, and papers for projects I'm working on.

It wouldn't work as well, for me, if it was on top of my desk. But down beside me, it's great.

Desk Topper

The desk apprentice looks useful but it does appear to be quite large.

I use a Desk Topper at work, which is just the file storing part. It's quite useful as it's essentially a mini-filing cabinet that I can move out of the way very quickly. But it doesn't have side pockets, which makes it leaner... and dinkier.

I've seen one of these at

I've seen one of these at Staples, but is it ever big! Way too big for my desk or my home office. I like the idea, sort of... it falls down for me because I know I'd just stuff it full of stuff and then rarely access it. But that's a downfall of the design of my workflow, not the caddy's. (Though I do have a much smaller 3x5-sized Levenger version that I do use constantly, so I can see where the bigger caddy might work for folks who are better at moving paper through than I am.)