Can I print on pre-punched paper?

I'm borrowing my mom's classic 7-hole punch and wondered if I could punch all the holes I need before hand? Or will the paper get jammed up in my printer?


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Hole punched paper


I used to buy pre-punched letter paper (3 holes) and never had any trouble printing on that.

If you punch your own several sheets at a time, you would probably want to 'fan' the stack before you put it in the printer, so the sheets don't stick together.

I would think you'd have no problem, but you should test with a small stack first before you get all punch-happy. :)


Depends on the printer

My expierence is that it is a printer-by-printer experiment. I have seen two identical make/model printers behave very differently with non-standard paper.

All you can do is try it in small quantities and hope.

Good luck.
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Thanks I'll give it a try