Need to create a way to open "Open Office" documents easily

I still haven't settled into a "Classic" planner yet and I thought I'd try playing with the hipster 3 x 5 card templates. I managed to install "Open Office" and I think I set it up to open "Excel" but when I try to open the DIY hipster kit for 1 ups I get the "Need to create an association in the Folder Options Control Panel" message. But the program tab in the Folder Options Control Panel doesn't list "Open Office".

What am I doing wrong?

By the way, I'm not sure what I'd need do if I did see Open Office in the Folder Options Control Panel. I was hoping it would be self explanatory.

Interestingly, I didn't have this problem with the classic 2 ups.

Any suggestions?

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Clarify the question


I think I know enough about Folder Options to help you, but I need some more info from you to give you the right answer.

1. What is the extension of the file you are trying to open?
2. When you go to Folder Options, and you look for that file type, what program does it say it's going to use?
3. What program do you want to use to open that file?

Very little about Windows machines is really self-explanatory. :/


Attempt at clarification

Thanks for the help. Doubtless my response will betray my techno ignorance.

1) Not sure what an "extension" is. All I know is the program name " 2.1" which I see under: "Start", "Programs"

2) H.323 Internet Telephony

3) No personal preference. Do you know what my likely options are? Of those options what would you recommend?


Last attempt at a reply. *sigh*...

Hi Cath,

Quote: "Doubtless my response will betray my techno ignorance".

MS Word has just eaten my file (Fortunately I have a backup) Glad to hear I am not the only one who has made an enemy of Windows. :)

1) "Not sure what an "extension" is".

Looking at the file you should see a . (dot) followed by a few letters. For example: CatsInHats(dot)txt. This tells me two things. One it is a text file, and 2, it is a file about hat wearing cats. :D

2) "H.323 Internet Telephony"

Click new --> type your new extension in the pop up box --> click okay --> highlight you new extension and click 'change' --> choose a program from the pop up menu.

3) "No personal preference. Do you know what my likely options are? Of those options what would you recommend"?

Looking at the file does it read: or diyp3h_core_1up.pdf? For the one ending in zip you need 'winzip' (or something of that ilk) and 'Adobe Acrobat Reader' for the pdf.

The only official D*I*Y file to open with Openoffice is the Widget kit. :)

By the way you may see some files in the 'archive' that look like this: ._diyp3h_core_1up.pdf. Best just ignore them and hope that they go away. ;)

"Not Supported" or "Been Corrupted"

What a mess.

Well, it looks like I wound up with multiple "sets" of Open Office under Folder Options. I'm guessing I needed to re-boot and my multiple attempts resulted in multiple downloads once I re-booted.

I didn't know which file --within the multiple sets-- to try and create an extension for so I deleted all but one with "config" in the title.

I went to the DIY "getting started" instructions and if I am reading them correctly, I should be able to open the hipster kit with Adobe 6, which I have but I'm getting the "Not Supported" or "Been Corrupted" message .

If it makes a difference I did register Open Office; and it does appear to be on my computer; and I can open it.

So, beng the techno idiot I am, I can't understand why my computer won't simply use Open Office to open the kit.

Folder Options

Hi Cath.

Folder Options is the master list for the computer to know what program will open what type of file. Most of the time this list is edited automatically when you install a new program.

Most programs will ONLY edit the folder options when you install them--they won't do it again later unless they have a nag screen that says something like "Outlook isn't your default mail program, do you want to make it the default?"

One way to get the folder options back in there would be to reinstall OpenOffice, just one time. Since it's already on your machine it might ask you if you want to 'repair' your installation--this might work, not sure.

Since you say you've deleted a bunch of stuff, reinstalling might be the way to go.


actually i was trying to

actually i was trying to open double-click
the local disk C in My Computer then an error suddenly appeared it tells that.
"The file does not have a program associated with it for performing this location. create an association in the folder options control panel."

Filename confusion?

It sounds like you might be trying to open up a PDF file from within OpenOffice. What is the exact file name of the thing you're trying to open?

Keep in mind that OpenOffice can open standard Microsoft Office files (Word .docs, Excel .xls, PowerPoint .ppt), as well as OpenOffice Draw files (.odg) and a few other native formats. A PDF file should be opened by Adobe Acrobat, preferably version 7 and up. A PDF file is generally not meant to be changed, only printed, whereas the other files *can* be changed.

That being said, I only provide the "official" hPDA files in PDF format, though the Widget Kit and some of the user-contributed templates can be opened in OpenOffice and other programs for editing.

Hope this doesn't confuse you more.... The best place to start is to tell us the file name you're trying to open.

all my best,

Adobe Reader 6 versus Adobe Acrobat 7

I thought the "Getting Started" instructions said that Adobe 6 (Adobe Reader 6 ???) would do it.

From what you are saying, I guess I need to change or upgrade to Adobe Acrobat 7.

As far as the exact "files" I am trying to open ...

Since I am unfamiliar with the lingo I’ll be as literal as I can. I am trying to “download” three different “PDF packages”, as outlined below. I got the PDF package names (file names???) from the three different (but similar) error messages I am getting.

D*I*Y Planner Hipster Edition 1 up version
aka: from
D*I*Y Planner Hipster Edition 4 up version
aka: from
D*I*Y Planner Hipster Edition 1 up version
aka: DiyP3_hipsterPDA_gr[1].zip

The next time I have a chance I’ll try downloading Adobe Acrobat 7 and then downloading Open Office again (but only once). Then I’ll re-boot and I’ll take it from there. I’m hoping I’ll have some sort of epiphany that gives me the intuition I need to navigate my way from that point.

Thanks for all of the help. I appreciate your patience with this Newbie.

PDF packages

Hi Cath.

You need TWO pieces of software to deal with the files you've named. But first you have to download the files and save them on your local machine. That is, click the download link and choose SAVE, then put them somewhere you can find them.

Software needed after that:

1) Winzip or another compression utility (winrar, and others will also work, and Windows XP will natively open .zip files also)

You have to use this software to 'unpack' or 'extract' the compressed file stored within. Think of 'zip' as the Space Bag of the software world. If you have Windows XP then you should be able to double click on the downloaded file and it will open it up like a folder. There might be several things inside that special folder--but in the menu options (under "File" in XP) there will be an option for "extract all" which will unpack all the files so you can use them.

2) After you get the files out of the zip package, THEN you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the PDF files. You do NOT need Acrobat, only Acrobat READER. The Reader is free, but Acrobat is not. If you have Acrobat Reader 6 installed, then when you double-click the .pdf file, it will open up so you can see it on screen and print it.


Two Pieces of Software

I have saved the 1up version to my desktop.

I have Microsoft Office 2000 SR-1 Prof'l (it came with a used computer I bought from work).

I don't see "Winzip", "Winrar" or anything else I would guess to be a compression utility under Programs. Will I have to buy one or is there a reliable one I can download for free? If I need to buy one how much is it likely to cost?

If I only need Acrobat Reader is "6" ok, or should I take what J.D. said to mean that I should upgrade to "7"?

Thanks again.


What version of Windows are you using? XP comes with software that can handle at least zip files. I'm not sure what other formats it handles. If you need other formats it doesn't handle, or have an older version of Windows, check out Free & open source compression/decompression software.

For Adobe reader - that's up to you. Acrobat Reader is free. There's no real reason not to upgrade except if things might break.


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it is so confusing. It's Windows !!

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