Intro and my developing system

Been reading the site for 2+ weeks, I've learned some great stuff and you "jerks" have put me onto reading "GTD".

I'm also reading "80/20 Individual" in passing, which is pretty decent so far as well.

Currently I'm using full sized Circa notebook that I carry around along with a 1/2" three-ring binder where I carry material for my job.

I end up in a lot of meetings where I need to take notes, so that's why I seem to be one of the few using full-sized paper. I'm using the regular lined and then a few pages of unlined paper for drawings and ideas.

I'm using an old Circa cover (that is about notecard sized, but affixes the long way) as my page-finder, though I've considered the Circa page-finder.

My big "invention" is that instead of using the Levenger Circan notecards or idea notes (don't know the actual product name, I come by all my material second-hand) I'm using Post-it notes. They are obviously just as movable, and much cheaper. I also find it keeps the notebook thinner. I've put together the small, medium and larger sized post-its for easy carry and use.

I'd like to combine my post-its and page-finder if possible. On my pagefinder I have a guide for my notetaking system. I use indentioned bullet-points for notes, I put a triangle around Action Items, a square around ideas, and a circle around questions.

I haven't put GTD into use yet, not far enough along. And I'm currently exploring the forms.

I can't carry an actual PDA, so I try and be as paper-based as I can, I'm always moving around. I also use Outlook on my "at work" computer, and Lotus Notes on my at home laptop. I can't easily integrate the two, and my Outlook is my gold-copy, so I end up inviting my Gmail account to all my meetings so I can review my most up to date calendar online from anywhere, and ignore my Lotus Notes except for email.

I have a co-worker who was using the hPDA system without knowing it, and I turned her on to the site. She was, needless to say, very very excited.

Please feel free to ask questions about my system or give me some tips!

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I too had to pick up "GTD" and read it after joining this community. Something about being "in the know" :o)

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