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Hi, I'm Kenny, and I'm an addict... I've been trying out the letter size Circa notebook sample Ryan sent (thanks again!) and been trying to keep clean lines between work and personal stuff and just have too much stuff in there now. Also, I wanted a pen that would fit comfortably in my pocket.

So this week, I blew the last of my discretionary income on a 3 pack of Pilot G-2 Mini pens and a letter size Rollabind notebook from Staples. The Rollabind rings are nearly twice the diameter of the sample notebook from Levenger. Makes sense, it is just a sample... I took EVERYTHING (including covers) off the Levenger Circa rings and put it on the Rollabind rings and put everything I don't really want or need right now from the Rollabind (mainly the covers, page finder, and extra pages) back on the Circa rings. It would be so nice to get the Agenda calendar, address book, and desktop punch from Levenger...

Funny thing - when I got home from work my wife was just commenting on the fact that we have too many pens and she wants to get rid of some of them. Fine - as long as we keep the good ones. Most of them were $2 for a 10 pack or something or free at some conferences I went to who knows how many years ago. She's also started calling me "Mr Organization." I guess I should take that as a compliment?


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Do we need a 12 Step template ?

Hi, I'm Dan and I'm a DIY-Planner addict, too.

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

How does one go about

How does one go about obtaining Circa samples? Who is this Ryan of which you speak? :-D

Ryan of Levenger

A couple ways to go about getting a Circa sampler... The best would be visit a Levenger store. From what I've read you can pick & chose some of the components you want to try out and build your own customer notebook! Sadly, their nearest store is two states away from me, so that option is out and I have no clue how it works.

The second option - go to and they sell a sample notebook. If the sample notebook includes everything you want to try, that may be an OK way to go.

The third option - what I ended up doing and apparently some other people on this site... Ryan Rasmussen is an active user on this site. He is an employee of Levenger and does a combination of customer service and research & development. His profile page is here: I emailed him about some components I was interested in trying out that were not in the sample notebook. He ended up emailing back asking how I use my planner and put together a couple of sample notebooks that included all the components I was interested in, most of the things included in the sample notebook, and then some!

A word of warning: this stuff is addictive! You may want to make sure before you get a sample you have enough cash on hand to buy at least a punch, bigger rings, and some additional pages.