Hole Punch for multiple formats

I've added this SWINGLINE to my "wish list".

I was tempted to get a "classic" sized paper punch... but with my ever-evolving needs, I was unsure of investing in a punch that only worked for one system.

I saw this punch on ebay the other day HERE and thought it would be perfect. I could use it for letter sized paper, half sized paper and even on personal sized (if I ever go back).

Thought others might be happy to see an "all in one" option. Granted it doesnt do Circa Smurfs... :sigh:

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You may be on to something

I had tried the full letter size 7-hole punch from Swingline but found the holes couldn't be adjusted for Classic size. I ended up getting the FC Classic size instead. If you get one, be sure to let us know how it works out!


ze plan

I'm going to either get this for a birthday gift from someone or for myself. My sister is using a "personal" sized planner and I think she would adore getting custom refills from me... plus, having a hole punch for standard stuff would be nice.

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