Template sorting?


It would be great to sort the template directory by date.
Is this available?
I'd love to see what's new with a quick glance.


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Categories please

I would also like to see the categories tags on the new templates as well. Pretty please?

They've always been there

The categories are there, when you click on the title to see the full listing. You can even filter the display by category using the controls at the top of the directory. Or do you mean you'd like them as part of the "short" listing?

The newest templates,

The newest templates, including mine, were not tagged. Go take a look.

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Ahh, yes, you are right. The categories were not assigned to the templates, and there wasn't a way to assign them at posting time. I've corrected this, but we'll still need to tag the newest ones. Thanks very much for pointing this out!


Thank you!

"It's better to be a pirate than to join the Navy." -- Steve Jobs

Part of the 21 March updates

Implemented date-based sorting as part of the 21 March updates and fixes.