Request: Frame(s) for mini artworks (index card size)

This is probably something not many people will want, so only consider it for when you're bored and at loose ends.

One of my personal 'productivity' habits is that I gave up buying commercial greeting cards. Going to the store, hunting through rack after rack to find one that suits the relationship, waiting in line to buy it... All told, it easily ate up an hour to send a simple birthday greeting.

Instead I grab one of my ever-present blank white index cards and draw something on one side with colored pencils or markers -- generally just a simple cartoon style pic -- and write a sentence or two on the other side. So far everyone I've sent one has been pleased to get it rather than a ready-made card, but then I DON'T send them to my rather starchy in-laws.

At first I simply tried to mail these as if they were postcards, but I learned it isn't safe. Some went through, but the stock is too thin and it can get eaten by the PO machinery if not rejected out of hand by the PO clerks. Now I just drop them into ordinary personal-mail sized envelopes.

Anyway. Sometimes I draw frames about my 'art', but it might be neat to have empty pre-framed cards ready to go. Maybe even a couple different kinds, fancy or plain, light-hearted vs. serious.

Just a thought.

Hmmm. I might go ahead and make some of these myself....

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Great idea! It sounds like a

Great idea! It sounds like a fun project, and I'd love to see what you come up with. btw Daniel Smith stocks several kinds of blank postcards for watercolour/drawing that may be able to go through the mail, if the art can take it and you enjoy the texture. Not quite as thrifty though...


Cards with Art

My orginal stack includes two fold-em-up cards. One has a photo of some smooth rocks, and the other has a picture of poision ivy. Not postcard sized, but made to drop off at someone's table or desk.

I think the frames are a great idea, and it would be interesting to try different framing styles and perhaps subtle backgrounds.

It will be neat to see what you come up with!

I buy preprinted cards only

I buy preprinted cards only when they've got an absolutely stunning picture and quote. I prefer blank cards and monogrammed cards, as they've got more class. ;) I have a collection of gel pens, so I can match ink color to my message and mood. I'm thinking of getting either a fountain pen or dip pen for even more fun. Index cards would be nice, although I'd like something a little bit heavier, and maybe in cream...

(Oooh. I need to get business card stock and send collections of mini-cards using that.)