Moleskine-esque hPDA holder

I've been using a Moleskine Pocket Reporter to hold my 3x5's. I cut out all the pages, and just use the back pocket to hold the back card in place, thus holding them all in place. I like this set up, but the Moleskine's hinges are already wearing through. Does anyone know of a set up like this, possible made of plastic or metal? And please, no Rollabind/Circa.

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Why not hockey tape?

Why not use hockey tape or black duct tape on the inside of your hinge? I would just think that you need to reinforce your hinge a bit better--no need to dump the Moleskin. BTW, I've seen your mod, and really like it.


Well, I've been using tape,

Well, I've been using tape, but it's still wearing away. I'm not saying I'll stop using it. I just want to know an alternative, possibly made of plastic, that I can use when this one wears out.

And do you mean my complete set up, or the mod? Because the mod isn't mine. I found it on Instructables.

It was the mod I had in mind.

But what kind of tape are you using?


There's always book mending

There's always book mending tape like libraries use. I've used it for making portfolios to hold papers (letter sized) and it's quick and very durable. Here's a link to a library supplier site's tapes:

Gaylord's Book Repair Tape

A couple of other library suppliers are Highsmith and Demco.