Shipping & Handling

I am frustrated with all of the shipping and handling charges that are associated with purchasing our office supplies. Sorry to Levenger, but they have to be the most expensive and my current experience has been SLOW... Then again I am impatient. It says Fedex Ground and 7-10 business days for shipping for $9.00. Whereas I paid $3.59 on eBay for a book (which is probably larger than my lev order) and it was mailed Prioity via USPS and it made it from NY in 5 biz days. My tracking for my Lev order shows Fedex/USPS... I do not really understand which carrier they use. It also shows that it has been sitting in my city post office for two days... UGH! Frustrating waiting for these packages. And I'm sorry, adding $13 to the $9 I was already paying to get the package in 2-4 days is just not worth it either... 2-4 days for a shipping charge of $22 just is not fast enough, is it?
We use UPS at work and I send packages overnight for under $10...
Am I being irrational and impatient or are there others out there who are as frustrated with Shipping fees on all of these sites? It may just be that I have been anticipating my last Lev order since the moment I hit the send button on my order!
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The worse experience has to

The worse experience has to be Rollabind for purchasers who live outside the US. Rollabind sent my $10.98 purchase and billed me $10.98. No confirmation of shipping charges. Then they later billed by credit card for $81.00 plus Sales Tax of $4.60(!) when I do not live in the US. An invoice was posted to me many weeks after I received their goods.

They replied to my complaint but haven't refunded any money yet.

Is this legal in the US? Sending items without confirming shipping fees? Other sites like Levenger email first (and their shipping costs are around $36.00, nearly $50 cheaper). FranklinCovey, Amazon and Mead have really good sites that show a variety of postal options for overseas buyers.

(Note all the above prices are in USD)

Let this be a warning for overseas users of the Rollabind site. In the long run, Levenger is cheaper.


Geez - that is absolutely insane! I thought most sites listed the shipping before you agreed to the purchase. So, I would say you did not agree to the $81 in your purchase acceptance, so they definitely need to refund all of the money!!
Sorry to hear about this experience...
nay nay

Shipping woes

Shipping to Australia can be exhorbitant, especially from companies whose main business is not via the Internet. I was considering trying out either the Levenger or Rollabind notebooks but after getting quotes for shipping I gave up that idea.

The Levenger shipping for one small item was slightly more than the cost of two Large Moleskine journals from my local specialty stationer, while the Rollabind shipping for less that $US20 of goods was just short of the price for a Large Moleskine diary and three Large Moleskine Journals!!

Slow and expensive

Nay Nay you read my mind. I live in NC and my order shipped from TN, an adjacent state. How it can possibly take 9 days (expected delivery) to travel what would take 10 hrs to drive is beyond me. And at a cost of $11 on my $71 order? It would be $7 for 2 day delivery via UPS ground. It's not like they're shipping concrete or glass. I'm used to sellers jacking up the shipping costs on eBay - but not from brick and mortar vendors.

Whew! I feel much better now...
And I sure like my Levenger stuff when it (finally) arrives.
I think there's an opportunity here for some customer relation building from an otherwise customer-focused company.

Glad I am not the only one...

who is frustrated with the shipping from Lev. I just want my order. If I have to pay such a large shipping charge, I guess I expect it to be here faster than any other company. With such nice products, and such a large online company I expect much better service.
nay nay
P.S. I love the Lev stuff too once it finally arrives on my doorstep!

I remember emailing Levenger

I remember emailing Levenger a few years ago to ask why there are no shipping options. I said some items are just flat (e.g., notebooks and especially Circa covers), so it should be easy to just put in a padded envelope and send off. They replied they only use FedEx. I guess they contract it out, and once an order is confirmed, it goes to FedEx to carry through. Also, they probably have so many orders that it's not possible to keep track if they have shipping options.

Maybe Ryan can enlighten us further on the shipping process at Levenger.

Shipping Charges and Delivery Times

This feedback is as valuable as it is a little alarming.

A few weeks ago Chet asked me privately about shipping charges. I see now that this is a genuine problem we need to do more than, "look into."

When customers start openly discussing problems with a company's specific policies, the real root of issues we didn't even know existed become evident.

I will do my best to advocate the consensus to our shipping and receiving at Levenger. From what I gather, it isn't only the price but the expected expediency of delivery at that price that is raising flags.

Sharing your experiences (both positive and [often more valuable to Levenger] negative) with others will make us a more responsive company as long as we actually respond to them in a timely manner. For any outstanding issues, send me a PM. I would be happy to make the case for any changes that need to be made, and relate what I learn back to the DiyP community.


*(At this point, I don't have an answer so much as an eagerness to listen. When I do have an answer, I will be honest with what I learn.)

Shipping Charges

Ryan, thanks for looking into this.

I'm in the UK and am using a DIYplanner that is home made using Rollabind disks and a desktop punch that I was able to get locally. I would love to get my hands on some of the Circa stuff (folio case etc) but the shipping is prohibitive.

(Also I'm not sure how well A5 will fit into the Junior case)

It's great to see you taking such an active part on the forum.


More shipping info.

I received my Lev order today! YEAH! Here is what I have figured out regarding shipping costs:
I ordered Circa PDA Leather Notebook; PDA Notebook Sampler Cards, PDA Notebook Tab Dividers. Total weight is 11.1oz and total size of these items stacked on top of each other was 4.5" wide, 7" long and 2" high. Shipping cost was $9.00 for Fedex Ground or Frieght.

Package arrived via the US Postal Service (regular mail delivery) in a GIGANTIC box. The box dimensions were 12.5" wide, 16" long, and 11" high. I almost thought they forgot something in my order because I couldn't find the little dividers in that huge box!

I went online and checked some shipping options. If Lev sent it First Class mail it would have cost $3.03 and have gotten to me in 3 biz days. Priority mail was $4.05 for 2 biz day delivery. Fedex Home Delivery (3-4 days) was $6.45. I couldn't find a Fedex Ground amount.

So, if Lev (and other companies) just used the regular postal system, it seems like it would be cheaper and faster!!!

Oh, and may I recommend using padded envelopes or even smaller boxes? I could have fit half the Lev store in this box for some simple notecards and such...

Thanks for your time,
nay nay

P.S. The bluebell PDA is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!! :)

count me in

excessive shipping and "handling" charges have always been a pet peeve of mine. to me, it is rather deceitful. if you want to make more profit, raise the cost of the item instead of tossing in that little gig at the end (which i'll bet is WAY profitable).

that is my general rant, which includes levenger, specifically. iirc levenger S&H is about $15 on a $100 purchase. i consider the 15% markup ridiculous, and will admit that it has kept me from buying more from levenger over the years.

contrast this with LLBean, which has free shipping if you have their credit card (my wife does). i'm a lot more likely to just go ahead and buy an item from LLBean instead of shopping around because the shipping charges really start to add up (especially if you end up returning things from time to time).

i don't want to end on a bad note so i'll add that i'm impressed by ryan's input here and that levenger seems to be listening to the product feedback.

Another take on free shipping


I order occasionally from a site that offers free shipping (one way) and another site that offers free shipping BOTH ways.

I love that the price is the price, but am terribly suspicious that I'm overpaying hugely for each individual item because the shipping is free. I don't buy many things at a time from either of these sites (partly because the stuff is pricey to begin with).

Personally, what I'd rather see is a cost for the item (that includes any necessary handling requirements) and the actual cost for the actual shipping, as well as the delivery estimate.

Example: If you're going to ship my stuff UPS, then show me UPS's charge for the stuff based on the weight of the item and a little slush for the box and packing. Same if the USPS is an option. If I get to pick the method, then I want to see delivery estimates on all my options so I can strike my own balance between price and speed.

I know this can be done, because I had it working on my own e-commerce site. It's a little more effort on the back end, weighing items and estimating packing, tying into the UPS and USPS and Fedex systems. It can also be a little inaccurate depending on the method used to calculate it all. But it can be done. And you can set your own requirements on it, like requiring insurance, or not allowing first class mail (as opposed to priority or express).


Me too

On Feb. 23rd I ordered 2 Circa Junior Page Finder and two packs of Circa Plastic Tab Dividers, Junior - Rainbow. I was charged seven dollars for USPS shipping. It's now March 7 and my package has yet to arrive. And I'm in Florida!

I must admit that I'm pretty pissed off about this. Shipping should not be 47% of the total order price, especially when it takes two weeks to get here...

Could be worse...

I was trying to order a $3 mechanical pencil and was quoted between $7 and $8 for shipping and handling -- which included a "Small Package Handling Fee"
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Myndology - Shipping & Handling

My friend recently ordered several products from Myndology and their shipping charges are super low! $5 flat rate, regardless of what you buy...How can you beat that? Her order arrived UPS and got there in a couple of days. Looks like it was shipped out the same day she ordered.

Wow, that IS a deal

I've been salivating over their ring bound decks of mini-cards. I was holding off ordering, because I wasn't sure which of the sizes would best suit me, but for a flat $5 shipping, I'll just go ahead and order one of each size. :)

Myndology - Shipping & Handling - Clarification

Hey everyone....Need to clarify my previous post. It's a flat rate based on the $$ amount of your purchase. It's $5 for purchases up to $50 and then $7.50 for purchases of $50-$100. Any purchase over $100 there is no shipping charge.

Sorry about that!!!

How long did it take to get to you?

Just curious, I placed an order with Myndology last Thursday and am eager to get it! I know they are in Wisconsin, and since I'm in Iowa, I'm excited to think it should be here soon.

My latest purchase from

My latest purchase from Levenger's must've come via the Fedex -> USPS route. I hate it because: 1) no tracking with USPS, and 2) I always have to go pick it up at the PO, which is a big hassle. With Fedex alone (or UPS, which I've found a little more reliable), I can get both tracking AND the package is delivered to my door.

I adore Levenger products and won't stop buying them over this, but it is a pain to not only get charged a premium on shipping but then to also have to get in my car and drive to the PO to pick the package up. I order something and just wait - there's no way to know when it might arrive or where it is in the system.

(I will forego mentioning that my last "yes I really want them even though they're backordered" order for Notabilia completely fell through the cracks. I am now supposedly getting them again, but I have no idea when. Thanks to Ryan, though, I doubt I'll run out before then.)

Ok, end of rant. Like all the others have said, I really love Levenger's products and they are worth the wait, it's just frustrating that I can get coffee (pods and k-cups :D ) faster than anything from L's and both are from the east coast. Uh, now end of rant. :)

So, how are you liking the new hipsterCirca PDA supplies?

circa pda purchase from Levenger

I recently got a set of four circa pdas's, some cards and a set of dividers for the circa pda.
The dividers I received were not punched!
I emailed Levenger and was told they do not have dividers for the circa pda becuase it was so news. They said I could buy a circa punch.

I got the product number for the dividers and emailed back. This time Levenger said it was my fault for ordering the wring item and I would just have to order the punched dividers.

I did order the punched dividers and they sent me the un-punched dividers.

They have really cool stuff but I will do without it from now on.

piling on levenger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, since we're on that horse. Ryan actually helped me out, but I'll post my gripe here too. (it's really ironic, because I was just thinking about my situation, and then i saw this thread.)

Last thursday, I ordered 3 things from Levenger. One of the slim wallet writers, 300 wallet cards, and 300 refill sheets for my compact circa. Nothing outrageous or time consuming. Off the shelf, in a box, out the door. Now we all know that Levenger products are awesome and high quality, but they're also very pricey. That's $68 worth of stuff right there.

It's a week later and I don't have it. Additionally, I was charged $11 for shipping, and it would probably actually cost $3 to ship that stuff at most. So I don't mind paying $11, but I darn well outta have the stuff FAST. As it stands, I can't even track it now. I didn't even receive an email from Levenger that it had shipped. I happened to be emailing Ryan on something else, and he checked on it and told me it had shipped. I went in my online account and see it has shipped, but it could be sitting thousands of miles away for all i know.

I have Amazon Prime (and love it) so I'm a bit spoiled with getting things quickly. I can have things 2 day shipped for free, or overnight for $2.99 or so. But I'll probably pay less for Amazon prime this year ($79) than I will on shipping for Levenger and I guy 10x more stuff at Amazon than I do Levenger.

And HERE IS THE KICKER that really got me kind of ticked at the entire deal. You place an order (i'm not sure if there is a certain $$ requirement) and you get an email a few days later giving you $15 off if you spend $75 within a couple weeks. But the $15 really just covers the postage!!!! I don't see that as any real customer "recognition" or whatever you may want to call it. Give me $15 off a $75 purchase AND free shipping (or reasonable shipping) and then I'll feel valued...

*down off my soapbox*

Soap box time


Ok, I have to do it too. The shipping charges from Levenger have always been high, but for the first time ever my most recent order came by US mail instead of a carrier like Fedex. I ordered the Bluebell Circa PDA cover, the sample pack of Circa PDA cards, and the portable smurf-puncher. Shipping was $11. Ok, that's not too bad in the grand scheme of things.

My box arrived in fairly good time, actually, but it was a huge box. Six large "air bags" filled most of the box, with the loot all packed down at one end of the box. Silly. Plus, as mentioned above, the box was not trackable.

I think the idea of shipping some items in padded envelopes is great. For instance, after I got my sample pack of PDA forms, I thought I'd like to get more of the todo and weekly forms. But frankly, the shipping has so far kept me from doing it. These are small, flat items. Put them in an envelope and mail them to me. Charge me a couple dollars for shipping and I will be happy.

Here's another pet peeve I have. Maybe I'm the only one... I think it's nice that the leather items arrive in those fancy green boxes with the elastic... but I'd be just as happy if they didn't. I see the green box once, then it's just another item in my house that I have to deal with or throw away. How about making little sacks out of those nice cloths and drop the leather items into them? Good enough for me. Knock a couple dollars off the total price, even better.



I love my Bluebell Circa PDA. I love the color. I love the quality. I love the todo and weekly forms. Did I mention that I love the Bluebell color? I wish all the 3x5 items were offered in this color.

The pocket smurfer is everything I had hoped it would be. It's perfect for top-punching 3x5 cards. The quality is great, it's compact, and nice looking as well. I'm really glad I finally got it after wanting it for a very long time.

These products have added a lot of quality and joy to my hPDA experience! So, despite my soap box above, I am still a happy customer and believe me, I'll be baaaack.



Well, the USPS has come, and no package, and I would think that Fed Ex would have come by now (they don't come everyday, obviously)

I am leaving Saturday and traveling, not returning to my office until Tuesday. So, let's assume it shows Monday or Tuesday, I'll wait almost 2 weeks from the time of ordering it to the point I receive it. That's pretty poor, IMHO, given the price of the products and the cost of the shipping.

Thanks for listening, Ryan...will look forward to any feedback you get from corporate on the situation. As someone else said on the thread, I actually don't order more from Levenger because of the shipping cost/time, not because of the product cost. Seems like something that I'd really focus on if I was calling the shots.

My whine about shipping

I sent an email to Ryan about my latest two experiences with Levenger. The first took 17 days to arrive. Then Levenger came out with the Circa pda. Obviously, I needed it. So I ordered one (just the plastic covers -- for now). I was going to upgrade the shipping, but I just couldn't justify it. It actually only took four days from order to my door. I definitely think something strange is going on.

I work as an engineer and I just adore the Levenger paper for doing calculations. I read a lot of how their paper works for pens, but it is a dream to use with a good mechanical pencil. Math just flows out. And mistakes erase completely. I like even handling the paper as I look around for that one equation which is the magic answer (there _must_ be one somewhere). The problem is that I can get a normal pad of paper just by walking to the supply cabinet. Getting a Levenger pad takes my money and time, which I'm willing to spend within reason. I really wish that I could get basic supplies fast and without huge shipping charges. I'd order much more often.

I contacted

I contacted the chicago levenger store today... i was curious about a product that i'm going to order online... and if it had been available there, i might have convinced someone to drive my arse down there pronto... anywhos, i digress...

good news, you can contact the closest levenger store and they can ship your order to you... i'm guessing this would be cheaper than the online store. "Aaron" was very nice and I'm going to come up with a list of stuff I dream about and see how much his total is vs the total from the website...

this might be the key to cheaper levenger for us all~!

♥---♥---♥ <my artwork


Sara, Ryan is at the Chicago store... :)

Also, what is up with your sig? I can't figure it out...

he IS ???

ohmygosh i didnt realize that >.< doh

and my sig is possessed by my curse... i have no idea... ill fix it... :o) Let me add it to my list of next actions for this week ;P heheheh (i made myself a jotter from the pattern in 'templates' lol i keep showing it off and no one cares ~ imma dork)

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we care

Sorry you've been cursed by technology. I'm an electrical engineer and I think all electronic devices see me as a target. So you are not alone.

And I just don't understand people who don't get excited by templates and planners and paper and stuff.

same with computer programmers

I'm a computer programmer and it is the same way for us. I think computers all have a chip built in that detects when a computer person is near and then they start doing weird stuff. What is even more maddening is I think the chip shuts off as soon as anyone else is around.

Also, my wife thinks it is really bizarre I signed up for a Flickr account to share photos of my new office supplies.


lol be warned

i referred to my levenger catalog as 'paper pr0n' to a friend and i swear he was gonna laugh himself into a coma... >.<

we are the misunderstood :D

ps... i'm not too computer savvy but my comp hates my gutts... and the printers at work hate me even more... unless there is nothing important to do - then they all work fine. baaahhh.

my artwork


Printers are the worst. When I was younger, my parents had a dot matrix printer. The first time the ink ribbon ran out, I tried to put a new one on. I managed to snap some little plastic bit that was part of a bigger plastic bit that was attached to some other stuff you would have to replace to replace the bit I broke. It was actually cheaper to get a new inkjet printer than to fix the old dinosaur dot matrix!


Sys admins, too

I'm a sys admin, and while I don't feel that computers particularly target me, neither do I feel that they make any special efforts to perform especially well on my behalf. In fact, I get mighty tired of them after having to futz with them all day. I've been in the field long enough to be at the point where new technologies and products just kind of leave me shaking me head thinking "Dang, not again" instead of "Wow, cool, how exciting" like my younger colleagues.

A nice, solid fountain pen and a non-crashing, non-patchable, non-upgradeable piece of paper is so refreshing!!!!!


You and me both.


I finally quit trying to mess with my machine at home. I'm not component-building any more frankenstein flops. If the machine is working, we don't touch it! Drop the screwdriver and step away from the case!

DH got into computer support after me, so he does all the maint on our network/server/PCs etc. Ha ha!

I am so bored with machines that crash and smoke and spontaneously reboot. Give me a bare-bones, just enough software to function, out of the box machine.

Yay paper. Yay water-proof ink. Yay erasable permanent markers. :)


copiers too

I've worked with some administrative assistants who would not let me any where near the copiers because they would have to call the repair person after I touched them.

but I just want to ---

I have to laugh when people get into computer and operating system wars. On a daily bases I use a Mac, PCs with two different operating systems, and several Unix machines. All of them attempt to keep me from doing what ever it is that I want to do. Until some computer shows some loyalty to me, I’m not signing up to any computer fan club.

Tell me again why I use a paper planner?

daylight saving time & meetings

someone at work switched back to paper calendars just for that reason.


Levenger Shipping

I get great shipping speed with "standard shipping" with every company I order from but Levenger. Following the tracking is highly frustrating because the package will sit for several days in one location before moving again. I'm still waiting on a package that four days ago was just a few hours drive away.

Levenger has great products that we all know are a bit overpriced but we are willing to pay for the quality. We shouldn't have to pay an additional premium for prompt shipping. Bargain basement shipping quality at standard shipping rates is unbefitting for a company that otherwise works hard to please its customers.

But how is this Levenger's fault?

Following the tracking is highly frustrating because the package will sit for several days in one location before moving again. I'm still waiting on a package that four days ago was just a few hours drive away.

Pardon me for my ignorance, but I fail to see how this package sitting--after it left their warehouse--could be Levenger's fault? This is confusing to me... I mean, if they hold onto the order for several days before shipping, that is one thing, but to blame them for the USPS or UPS delay seems a bit much to me--or am I missing something here? Sorry for my confusion, but I just ordered something (first order) on Friday--so I am about to personally experience what everybody has been threatening...



while the fact that it sits in the warehouse (the shipping company's, not levenger's) for days isn't directly their fault, the fact that they choose a very low quality form of shipping, while charging a very high fee for it, is.

i just had a pretty rocky experience with them, which i believe i posted above. ordered on the 1st of march. supposedly shipped on the 6th, and i was to receive on the 15th. well, it didn't arrive the 15th, and it was sent a way that i couldn't track it. (some form of fed ex and the USPS, i guess.) they asked me to wait until the 21st to see if it showed up (which is rididiculous that anything could take that long to go from florida to maine...i bicycle messenger could get it here in that time.)

anyway. in the end, it never showed up. they told me that they'd ship it back out, and i'd have it in 10 biz days. very frustrated at that, i told them to either cancel the order, or send it overnight at their cost. i wasn't going to wait until mid april for something that i ordered march 1st. they agreed to do the latter, and i received it march 23rd. and i'd bet you $$ that it probably didn't cost them much (if anything) more than the $11 s/h they initially charged me to get it there overnight.

the fact is, levenger seems to be reaping a bit more revenue from their s/h fees than they should be. and by no means do i expect them to charge customers the actual shipping rate. there's a reason they call it shipping "and" handling. that fee should help pay for the cost of the box, shipping materials, the person packing the box, the warehouse, etc. but theirs seem to be a bit more extreme in an era where amazon, staples, others are shipping for free, and shipping fast.

let us know how your experience works out, jon. i guess in the process of my order, they were moving their warehouse. that may explain some of it. and ryan (who posts here and works at levenger) also took some of our concerns to management. so, i'd expect things will improve.

My shipping experience

No hitches.
I ordered this last Monday afternoon, got my stuff on Friday late afternoon, which was earlier than I expected.

Sorry, a boring report to read, but I think it's fair to bring a non-rant into the discussion. :D

When Levenger switched to using "SmartPost"

When Levenger switched to using "SmartPost" is when I started getting annoyed. Jon, I feel Levenger is responsible for choosing how they ship, so if it sits, it is their responsibility, imo.

We are about to find out...

how it goes for me. My order shipped last night while I was sleeping. I shall alert my parents in Kissimmi so they know it's coming, and soon we shall know how long it took. Where is the Levenger warehouse, anyway?

Shipping issues

The shipping method (for my purchase anyway) was some sort of low budget marriage between FedEx and USPS. My local post office folks couldn't tell me much about this method other than they arrive by a different method from most of their packages and that it was a strangely slow process. I did complain directly to Levenger and got a positive response (excerpt below) within a few hours. Levenger isn't directly responsible for what happens to a package when they ship it, but they are responsible for the method they choose. Apparently, they are in a contract with a new service that is highly inefficient. It didn't prevent me from ordering again, but I won't even track this package. I'll forget about it and sometime in the future I'll be pleasantly surprised.

From Levenger's Customer Service:

Thank you for your email. We understand your frustration in regards to our shipping method as you are not the only one with the same concerns. We are actively pursuing other shipping options and currently trying to resolve the issues with our current shipper. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope this does not deter you as one of our valuable customers.


My impression

is that it's like standard USPS shipping, but with tracking, probably at standard USPS rates, but Fed Ex has contracted the movement. At least that was the impression I got from the tracking page. Some data (delivery) comes from USPS, but the rest is Fed Ex.

My order shipped rather late Monday evening, and arrived bright and early on Friday morning. For standard mail, that's good. But, as I said, my world view is skewed with enormous shipping costs and wait times to Poland... In fact, this past week, I had my parents ship me some car parts (_never_ buy and American car in Europe!). They took about 10 days to arrive (supposed to take five for the rate they paid!) and I had to pay over $200 in customs to receive them! That's the sort of thing I'm used to. :-)


positive experience

After all the "piling on" of Levenger in this thread, I wanted to add something positive. I was going to create a new thread, but decided to post here instead.

Last Friday, I made my first order with Levenger--the now-discontinuted Leather zip folio, and a starter Classic-sized notebook (the latter simply to get a taste of all that goodness you all keep talking about, and showing on Flickr) ;-) I ordered, as I said, on Friday--late enough that I wasn't surprised when it shipped Monday. The total order was less $50, so shipping and handling as $9. I followed it from TN to FL, where it arrived this morning-Friday. Since I'm in Europe, I called my parents, and asked them to open it for me. They were impressed both with the packaging, and the attention to detail. The leather folio was gently wrapped in a cloth, and everything was just first class--so much so, that it impressed my parents who don't normally notice this sort of stuff.

I'm not a normal customer in that I have lots of things shipped, and I _always_ pay tons for shipping, but not only was the time reasonable, IMO, but the whole package seems to be top-notch. Levenger put a lot of attention in the little details. I seem to recall that they tend to position themselves as an upscale boutique for reading fanatics. ;-) I presume this has a large bearing on how they deal with these things, including Circa.

So far, I'm impressed, but the final word is still out until I get my hands on that beautiful-looking leather! ;-)


Levenger products are always

Levenger products are always top-notch, ime. And their packing is second to none, no question. My only complaint about them is sending their beautiful well-packed products via USPS. And I only complain about that because I have to go to the PO to pick it up. (But if I remember to call them right after ordering, they ship it FedEx without any problem. Then my beautiful well-packed Levenger products arrive right on my doorstep. :D )

I think you're going to love the zip Circa folio. If you bought the evergreen one - it is gorgeous, imo.


Do you have an Evergreen zip folio? Ever since I started using a planner instead of just a plain calendar, I've been using zippered binders of some sort to keep everythign all in one place.

I haven't decided for sure if I want to stick with black as I've done in the past of get something colored. The red looks great, green looks great and it is cheaper, but I've always used black before. If a dark blue was available, I'd go for that in a second. Oh, the exception to this rule was my first planner "The Big Blue Brick" as I called it. A letter size zipper binder from Franklin Covey that was blue. I think it was some kind of nylon.


The evergreen Circa zip

The evergreen Circa zip folio seen here:

Levenger zip Circa folio in evergreen

is what I bought. It's on sale, so how could I resist? I use to always buy black accessories, but that grew tiresome after a while. Lately, when there's only the standard black-red-toffee choices, I've been going with toffee since it blends in better with my office furniture (cherry). When the evergreen appeared, I almost bought it that day, but I've been holding out for Plum, then when it went on sale - I couldn't resist any longer. ;D If a plum one ever does appear, I will snap it up, otherwise, this evergreen is just perfect.

(I can't fault Levenger for shipping time even though it will take a while for my stuff to reach me. Where I live, it usually takes everything a little extra time to get to me unless it's sent via the more expensive time-specific delivery.)

more good stuff

I'll add to the good news about Levenger... I called an order into them on Tuesday and it arrived here today. Great products, awesome customer service. I guess that's the problem with being a wonderful company. One little problem and everyone jumps all over you. Just look at Apple...

At least my order would've arrived today. I forgot to include my room # at the office in my order, so I get a call from FedEx that they couldn't deliver the package. On their online tracking it says "Cannot locate recipient. Scheduled for delivery next business day" Oh no!


Can't win fer losin' eh?

bum rap.... maybe would have been better at the PO! ;-)