Circa, Rollabind, and even Myndology paper compatibility

After reading the original review on this site of the Circa system, I must admit I've been sucked in. I tried a Rollabind notebook from Staples, then upgraded to a Circa sample and then even checked out Myndology projects when I heard they may be compatible. Here's what I found - I hope people looking into trying any of these systems out find this useful.

Rollabind and Levenger are the same technology. The pages in theory are completely compatible. What I've found is the Levenger paper works OK on Rollabind rings, but if you aren't careful and move the pages around often, it can more easily damage the tabs that hold the pages in place. I put my Levenger stuff on Staples Rollabind rings, and then put them back because the pages didn't turn nearly as smoothly. I'd say this is a sign that the quality of the rings themselves plays a big part in Rollabind pages not turning as smoothly. The Rollabind pages seem to do fine on the Levenger rings. However the paper is not as good quality. It may be a good idea to go to Staples and get the Rollabind paper for braindumps or shopping lists, but anything you're going to keep around for a while you will probably want to put it on Levenger paper or good quality printer paper and Circa punch it.

I even found a local store that carries Myndology products. The back of their notebooks say Atoma. I guess Myndology licensed the Atoma technology in much the way Levenger licensed Rollabind. The differnce is I'm not sure Myndology has improved on the product that much. Hard to tell since I have never even seen an Atoma notebook. Myndology does have a neat design on the first page under the translucent cover: the graphic that says "think, add an idea, remove it, write a note". Myndology is just different enough from Cira/Rolla that it causes some problems. The rings (disks is what Myndology calls them). Where Circa/Rolla punches are sort of a mushroom shape, the Myndology/Atoma is more like a capital letter "T".

The location I was at had index cards and a size similar to Junior - actually I think it might have been the "Classic" size. The paper in the notebook is decent, but nothing particularly impressive. The index cards are just plain index cards that have been smurfed.

The Myndology pages didn't really work at all on Rollabind rings - I think they are thicker than Circa. They did OK on the Circa rings, but I wouldn't recommend it as a long term thing. It didn't feel quite right. Levenger paper is easily added to a Myndology notebook, but it is a little tricky to remove due to the "T" punches being wider than the Circa punches. Rollabind pages can be added to the Myndology notebooks with little trouble, but moving them around could easily cause the paper to be damaged.


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Circa and Rollabind, yes / Myndology, no

Circa and Rollabind are the same base company and the products are totally interchangeable. Look here. Levenger is listed as a licensor of Rollabind. I have a Circa Portable Punch and a Rollabind Desktop Punch and the make identical "smurfs".

The holes on the Atoma/Adoc/Myndology papers are shaped differently - more like a "T" with a slightly bowed top rather than the smurfy mushroom shape. They are sorta/kinda interchangeable.

The main reason I would lean toward Circa/Rollabind is the lack of an available Atoma/Adoc/Myndology punch for less than several hundred dollars.

This is not a new discussion. Look here
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smurfs of all shapes

ygor: I knew the Circa/Rollabind/Myndology issue had been mentioned before, I just missed the detailed discussion you pointed out. I would have shared my findings over there if I'd known about it.


No problem

Never hurts to renew a discussion.
Let's keep the information flowing !! :)
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)