Rollabind Desktop Punch

I went to Levengers at the Pru in Boston and got my Junior sampler set for free and I picked up a 3 x 5 pack on rings (for $12.99) and a whole bunch of miscellaneous unpunched 3 x 5 cards thrown in with the Junior sampler.

So now I'm thinking about picking up a desktop punch. I do most of my online shopping on Ebay. Right now I see a desktop punch (the sturdier 1000 as opposed to the more awkward personal 500) and 144 assorted rings for $99.95 plus $10.00 or so for Shipping and Handling.

If I didn't mind buying from Rollabind directly the punch by itself would be about $60.00. Are the miscellaneous rings really worth $40.00 or so?

If I'm willing to wait awhile am I likely to find a better deal?


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Crafters Kit


What you're talking about on Ebay is a crafter's kit. Rollabind makes the kits--one for the portable and one for the desktop.

I bought the portable crafters kit, and I got the following:
Small discs in three colors (black, baby blue, pastel pink)
Medium discs in three colors (black, transparent, red)

I received 120 discs in total, the same amount of discs for each color and size.

I think the desktop punch comes with more discs, but it's likely to be a strange mix.

You can find the crafter's kit for less on various web sites (Wilde-Ideas, KeepOnCrafting). Ebay Rolla auctions are usually 'stores' rather than people reselling their stuff, and they usually sell it for the retail price.

As to whether the discs are worth the extra amount over the punch, well, check the piece count. If it's less than about 11 cents per disc, it's a good deal--but you don't get to pick the colors, and the colors may vary from pkg to pkg. You probably won't get the fancy silver or gold discs, and you won't get many translucent discs. You could end up with purple or yellow or seafoam green. If you're not bothered by using different colors on your books, then go for it.

The small discs hold a short stack of paper. I use them for spare forms and special purpose small books (book of web page password hints, for example). The medium are more versatile, but the larger sizes would be needed for a Covey-sized planner.


Shris, Do you know if

Do you know if Levengers internet prices are good at the stores? If so, I think I might go back to the Pru and get the desktop and personal punches together for $90.00 and the 1/2" and 3/4" packages of red discs (22 each) for the advertised sale price of $3.95. I would have to pay Mass. tax but I'd be avoiding at least $10.00 to $15.00 in Shipping & Handling.

Levenger prices (?)


Sorry, I don't know whether Lev uses the same pricing on the net vs. in the store. Never been to a store. Ryan could probably tell us, or someone else who's been to a store recently.


pricing : store vs. web

It's the same. Any of those bundled discounts also apply to in-store purchases.


Ryan, I called the store and

I called the store and learned the internet prices apply in the stores. However, there was one item that they don't have in the Boston store, a $3.95 book bungee with a built in magnifier, but they told me they can't (won't???) order it. Is that Levengers policy? Or does it vary from store to store?