1/4 page 4 ups (4.25 x 5.5), not requiring Zip Utility

I'm toying with the idea of a 3x5 setup but my margin settings don't seem to work. So I'm wondering if anyone here has done any basic Planning/Organizing templates in 1/4 page 4 ups (4.25 x 5.5). Also, I'm having trouble with Winzip.

I inadvertently downloaded the most recent version of Winzip which is only good for 45 days. And when I try to use the free prior version the Hipster downloads prompt me for the Winzip 11.

So, I'm thinking I'd be better off with something that doesn't require Winzip. I am able to download a number of the classic 2 ups without Winzip. Are there any 3x5 or 4.25 x 5.5 templates that don't require Winzip?


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free zip programs

How about just using a different zip program, preferably a free one? If you are using Windows XP, there a built-in tools for unzipping zip files. There is also a free program called 7-Zip. http://www.7-zip.org/


Zip Utilities

I did try 7Zip, can't remember exactly what went wrong.

You might try...

StuffIt Expander - freeware
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Low Tech 1/4 page templates

I created 4 or 5 basic forms using MS Word: To Do / Shopping / Checklist / Project List (with and without a heading); Goal; and Priority Assessment (two different formats, both with "Urgency" and "Want To Do"). They are pretty crude and unsophisticated but I was pleased until I cut them with a guilloteine (sp?) at work and made a mess of the cut edges. At a minimum the messy edges would make it difficult to turn the pages.

I am interested in constructive feedback. How do I submit them for review?


"Create content"

Towards the upper right of your DIYPlanner screen, you should see your user name, and under it, some options. One of them is "Create content". Clicking on that gives you three options: 1. Forum topic, 2. Image template, and 3. Template.

I'm guessing you will want option 3. Fill in the data on that page, and down below, you should see the form to upload the files. I think you have to click on something first, to make all the options show up. But it's really not difficult--once you know where to look. :-)