backpocket books

anyone consider the obvious shortcomming of these planners : that they are altogether unpocketsized?

I cant imagine using any planner larger than my back pocket could comfortably accomodate.

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subhipster design

so true, so true.

I think it is, and always has been, the oversight of this very obvious design flaw in planners GENERALLY, which has prevented me from EVER SUCCESSFULLY OWNING OR USING A PLANNER OF ANY KIND!

will someone, preferably with some diyplanner experience, address this very important concern, and formulate a design for a subhipster planner?

Im sure id not be alone in my gratefullness.

4 out of 5 back pockets agree...

Actually, that's a lie. All five of my back pockets I just tested could hold a Hipster. Perhaps I just have really large pants?

Now, as for another matter... Perhaps the anonymous poster of this topic and "andrew" above would care to mention that they are both (coincidentally, of course) dialing in from the exact same number in Halifax, Nova Scotia, at the very same time?

However, I do tend to talk to myself as well, and often offer words of encouragement like, "so true, so true," so I'm glad to have found another person with the same dire need for self-affirmation....

all my best,

Shirt pockets, too!

3x5 cards fit just fine in shirt pockets, too. Right next to a nice pen that might go crunch in a back pocket.

-- flexiblefine


Check out my post on 'a different sort of template' in one of the other fora ... the cards that result from printing 8 up are just slightly larger than your basic playing card. Fits pockets much more conveniently than an index card (and it's cheaper in the long run).

The hipster is pocket

The hipster is pocket size.
I carry a hipters PDA when I'm not carrying a bag or purse


Yup, made mine to fit in a standard jean pocket (my jeans anyway.) Check out the gallery for the well worn one...can't get that look anyother way besides sitting on 'em. :-)

When I was using a "raw"

When I was using a "raw" Hipster (or original), I kept it in my shirt pocket without a problem.

no problem here

My back pocket seems to handle my hipster just fine. Gee, that might even be why it's called a "HIP"-ster, ya think?

Back, trolls, back! Back from whence you came!

/me lights some incense and practices some incantations...

too big for me

Like a previous poster I find 3.5 too big for my pockets. Just because other people find it ok doesn't mean that is the only possible size.

too big for pockets

Without engaging in the controversy over pocket size, I note that one could probably print the PocketMod on cardstock and carry it almost any pocket. Or your bra...

The pocket mod is a cute

The pocket mod is a cute gimmick, and okay for short term use or for children's lunchboxes, but I don't think it is a serious system for GTD. I also have questions about their patent and how it it will effect other template designers, (including those who already have prior art). Several of their templates appear to have been "adapted" from other people's work right down to the measurement without giving due credit. They are also now calling for people to donate templates which pocketmod will "own".

There is a discussion about the patent here.

I don't particularly like

I don't particularly like the pocket mod. I'd have to print a new one every day, defeating the whole ease of use idea. Sorry, but I don't want to have to print my planner out every morning.... It's also not stiff enough to write on when you have no hard surface. However a pack of index cards provides enough stability to write just about anywhere. It's much easier to customize too.


The only compelling argument for the PocketMod is Elizabeth's suggestion...

To pretty miss in a bar : "Let's make plans ..."
She replies : "Ok, let me put you in my calendar"...reaches into bra.