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Looks interesting. I see there are even refill pages that look klike they are punched for Rolla or Circa..... Anyone know anything about these products?
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Another possible addition eh?
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There's a choice of ring or

There's a choice of ring or disc for the bubble planner. I'm curious about the contents. Wonder if there's a way to get just the pages without the rings or discs.

Re-fill pages ($19.95) and 50 page notepads ($21.00)

Check out the catalog. They have Re-fill pages ($19.95) and 50 page notepads ($21.00).

But I'm wondering how this system is really different. Am I missing something?

The website suggests that this is a more evolved GTD type process which moves you from the busy work of left brain linear thinking (capturing & organizing) to right brain activities (emotions, creativity, or vision).

It sounds nice in theory but does that make sense to anyone here?

By the way, they are offering a free PDF file of their "To Do" Bubble List if you email them and put "Free Bubble List" in the subject line: info@bubbleplanner.net.

Interestingly, they do show the left side of the page and it does have a classic To Do type column of lines. I have no idea how that interacts with the bubbles.

Here is alink to their blog.
The October 13, 2006 entry gives a GTD type overview of how the system is supposed to work. Perhaps I need to actually read the book (which I now have but haven't had a chance to read).

Looks like mind-mapping

to me.
Don't it ?
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Learning/Thinking Styles

It seems to me that the greatest strength of this planner would be its suitability for people who think very visually and in a non-linear manner. (That is not me. lol) People with this thinking style might find it a better "fit" than the more straightforward, linear nature of a traditional day planner. I haven't seen the Bubble Planner in person, though - I've only seen what's available to view on their site (and personally found it to be a bit short on information, as far as what I would be getting if I bought it).

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I wrote a product review

I have a review copy, it's a pretty good system for non-linear thinking and beginning mind-mapping. I wrote a review here at my blog.

It does come with a Circa-style binding, or 3-ring.