multi pens

I found a $2.00 multi pen today at Shopko... Papermate's 4-Ball.

It has Red, Black, Blue & Purple ink...


I've been using it at work today and it definately writes smooth for a ballpoint :) Might be a cheaper alternative to the more expensive multi-pens out there.

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I like Paper Mates

I like Paper Mates especially if they have that Lubriglide ink. Tried one of those Pilot G-2s that a lot of people seem to like and tossed it after one day. Too scratchy and blobby. I'm going to look for one of those you mentioned - I like to use purple but at work I sometimes need black - handy!

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Bic Makes Them Too

When I first got bitten by the "planner bug" years ago, the only pen I ever used was a multi-color Bic with black, blue, red & green inks. If the pen had an orange barrel it was a fine point, the blue barrel was for medium point. I always got the orange.

While in college I had started to develop carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand from squeezing the heck out of a narrow pen when I took copious notes in Anatomy & Physiology class. An occupational therapist recommended fatter pens and/or pen adaptives to make them fatter. The Bic did the trick!



I'm addicted to fat pens and squishies (thats the technical term for those pen grip add-ons ;P )

Unfortunately the only BIC multi pen I've found in my recent searches has been a black ballpoint and a highlighter in one. No multi-ink colors.

Additional note on this papermate version, the wide grip is not excessively wide so 'normal' pen users should find it comfortable... but for us 'wide' lovers, it is comfortable too :) I love the mechanism for changing colors... the side clicks are for engaging the color of choice where the top click is for resetting the tips. Very smooth and quick. I love it for here at work~!

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I've used multi pens over the years. The one thing I've always had happen is that the plastic at the screw joint cracks, leaving you with a wobbly pen. The other thing is I like to have a pencil handy as well. Colors for me are fairly simple: primarily black and blue, sometimes red; rarely more.

So recently, I landed this one from Lee Valley. It's two colors and a pencil; one button. You select your color/implement by rolling it (labeled for this). It's made of some metal; the tip and clip are ferro-magnetic, so it holds nicely in my LV Portable Office. When inquiring about this, the phone rep at LV actually pulled both items, tested and called me back with the results. It's not the $2 pen, but not sky high either. The one thing that bugs me is that refills are primarily via catalog; I prefer being able to pick them up locally. But the refills may be a typical type (catalog indicates this), but I haven't found the same yet.

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A Cross Option

I like a nicer pen than the bic/papermate, but do like to have a couple of color options, plus pencil if I can do it all at once.

I got my hands on a Cross Tech3. It has a .5mm mechanical pencil and fine ball-point in black and red. Unfortunately, no other color refills are available, but I'm pretty old-school and wouldn't use much else anyway. No artist, me!

The Tech3 lists at $35, so it should be easily found for less than that.



If I could find a nice multi pen that allows for an extra-fine blue refill and a pencil, I would be a very happy woman. (We have to use blue ink at work, see.)

Nice in what sense?

Hi Steff, Have you looked at the Lamy Twin Pens range of pen/pencils? They take one Lamy M21 ink refill (blue, black, red or green) and a 0.5 mm lead. All the pens are good quality. However, I would change the lead for Staedtler or Pentel. :)


I'll look these up. Thanks for the suggestion!

I understand the frustration

I understand the frustration trying to find a .5 or even a .7mm refill for a multipen is quite troublesome should you have any luck could you please advise me.

Gravity pen

I have a pen just like this one but I didn't know about the trick of rolling the pen to choose which point. I would try to press the button toward the marking.

Just went and checked it out, rolling the pen is much easier!

My pen is like the one javejeb linked to.