Levenger is evil.

You know, I was all annoyed about Levenger's shipping cost and the delay in getting my package... And then the package showed up yesterday. And it had the new catalog in it. And before I knew it I was on the web site, filling up my shopping cart... Sigh. My name is Steff and I'm a Levenger addict...

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LOL!!! I have a package


I have a package waiting for me at the FedEx office just down the road from where I live but I'm not allowed to collect it. Besides, it's the weekend, and the office is closed so I have to wait till Monday for the package to be delivered to me.

And so with a package so near yet so far, I'm already planning my next Levenger purchase!!!

Hello, my name is Chet, and I'm a Levenger addict ...

Try Rhodia

I love Levenger's stuff myself. I have his book on the "Little Guide to Your Well Read Life"..Outstanding book on getting more from your reading...

That said, I'm on a budget and have to monitor my purchases pretty closely. If you love good quality paper with that "feeling" to it, then try the Rhodia pads sold by Vickery here in the US. Rhodia lovers now even have their own blog...


I'm lucky enough to live near Boulder, Colorado where Vickery is located but they are the number one supplier of Rhodia products in the U.S. now...Their legal pads are great but I prefer the smaller notebooks to take with me when I study to jot down notes and their "pocket" notebooks make great Hipster PDA's. I usually buy the small stick on divider tabs at my local office store and divide a pocket notebook into sections for my projects, next actions, debit purchases, inbox, etc...

Rhodia's cost a few bucks each but they are considerably less than what I was spending. They hold up well and the bright orange cover will have others looking to see what you have in your pocket!

Seriously addicted

Levenger... the only remorse I have about my Levenger's shopping trips is that I don't make more money. I tried to start up a 12 step program, but everyone came in taking notes in their Circa systems with their Laplanders on their knees. They didn't even want coffee. It was very sad.

No, it's the Internet that is evil

Hello, my name is Sarah, and I'm a sucker for quality paper (and leather) supplies and stellar customer service. All I can say is, thank God there is no Levenger store anywhere near where I live. I'm starting to think that Levenger is doing us a kindness by having those high shipping charges... it does help put the brakes on some of us, now, doesn't it?


Levenger Addict Wannabe

This is hysterical. This site turned me onto Levenger, but I have not yet ordered anything due to the shipping fees - I fill my basket and then can't pull the trigger. I found myself at the local bar the other night and noticed the man next to me was conducting an interview using a LEVENGER NOTEPAD! I asked him if it was in fact Levenger, and he let me touch the paper to feel its weight. He thought I was insane, but it was such great paper. I am so happy to see that we are all a bit crazy when it comes to this darn store/website. If only Levenger, Russell and Hazel, YourMO.com all would realize that we are such fans and are multiplying on this website, perhaps they would extend FREE SHIPPING to us. Our desire for their products is infectious! No doubt we are their unpaid advertisements, and we are spending a lot of time and money fueling our obsessions. Not to mention, we are going a bit crazy, too! Seems like a small concession to us would be a win/win situation for the companies...

Drug and porn peddlers have no mercy

I think if they knew how much we lusted after their ware, they might even raise the price. My name is Judy, and I have a virtual addiction. I click around D*I*Y Planner, Flickr, Levenger and other places where I can see circa and rolla things for my hourly fix. If I had the money, I'd be sniffing leather by now, and would be drooling over plastic discs instead of slobbering over the keyboard straining at the screen's pornographic image. I'd be punching smurfs instead of the pillow in frustration. Does anyone actually want to be cured?

Levenger & other office supply addictions

I stumbled across a flickr group called "Office Porn". I'm not sure visiting anything with title at work is a good idea, but it is all shots of paper, pens, and all kinds of organizational goodies. It is located here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/officeporn/pool/

Someone commented on one of the pictures that they were in love with office supplies too. I said we should start "Office Supplies Anonymous".

Anyway, I've got three different lists of what I might want to buy at Levenger and already trying out ideas with the sample pack I got. See http://www.flickr.com/photos/supenguin/ and http://organizedgeek.blogspot.com/ First one's always free kids! I think I've become sort of obsessed since reading the original articles about the man who had the same planner for 5 decades... I can't see that happening unless you have some very high quality product with refillable pages.

Oddly enough, I've never heard of Levenger before the first Circa article on this site. I wonder what would happen if Levenger had some kind of referral program?


Can you send a link to that

Can you send a link to that article about the man who kept a planner for 5 decades? I'd love to read that one.


the planner that survived World War II

This was the introductory paragraph in Doug's second article about Levenger's Circa system: http://diyplanner.com/node/1978 From the article the planner "looked like it might have been subjected to World War II. In fact, it had been: he had used the same planner for over five decades, spanning a wartime stint in the navy to the present day... I was at first amused, and then transfixed by the rustic nature and longevity of both the man and his queer little "catch-all," as he called it."

This bit hit home with me. A friend of mine, actually someone I consider a mentor, has been using the same planner for at least ten years. He has always taught me "Your planner is with you." and also "Put everything in one place - no 'floater' Post-It Notes allowed. You lose those." He has old binders going back I'd say at least 8 years with documentation about old projects, contact information, and completed tasks.

The great thing about the Circa system is all you need is some discs, notebook covers, and the holepunch and you could pretty much use the same system forever. Of course, I've only had my stuff for a few weeks. I'm still experimenting with how best to use it. We'll see how it works out :-) Too bad the hole punch is so pricey.


"Eliminate Floating Paper"

About 15 years ago I purchased a Franklin Quest planner kit for one of my staff. I also sent her to the old "time quest" training seminar that went with the planner. I'll never forget how excited she was upon her return to the office.

She told me of two nuggets of wisdom that I still remember to this day: 1) Eliminate "floating paper", i.e. NO loose scraps of paper allowed. She said the trainer actually opened her binder, held it over her head and shook it. Nothing fell out because all paper was hole-punched and on the rings.

The second nugget was about the value of capturing ideas immediately. She said "when you think it, ink it". I can't remember the context, but I imagine they were talking about the Satellite booklets.

Before switching to Daytimer, I used to have a library of FC storage binders with years of old planner pages. Now I'm having difficulty remembering what was so wrong with that...



Oddly enough, the friend of mine I am talking about is named Bob, but he spells it backwards "boB". He's got a box full of old Franklin Covey storage binders, but he did not switch to Daytimer and I don't see him switching any time.

I currently carry a small spiral-bound memo book in my coat pocket to capture ideas or whatever I need to write down. I tried carrying one in my pants pockets last summer. It didn't matter which pocket I put it in, front or back, they still got bent and mangled every which way within a couple weeks. I'm carrying a couple Levenger wallet cards in my wallet and a Cross Ion pen snapped onto my keychain. It's tempting to get a wallet writer & pen to go with it, but currently the budget says no.


Daily PocketMod

Yes, a sheet of paper carried in a pants pocket definitely gets beat up, especially by car keys. That's why I carry a new PocketMod each day. On Friday afternoons or evenings, I print up five of them for the next week (I don't carry them on weekends). I have gotten good at folding them quickly, so it doesn't take long. I use a glue stick to ensure distinct pages (if you've ever folded one of these, you know what I mean). Each week I experiment with new page templates to see what I like best. For instance, this week I have SoDoku puzzles as the back page each day to putz with while I eat lunch.

My current fascination with the PocketMod is keeping me from making any office supply purchases. Otherwise I might be buying punches, pens, expensive paper, etc. I have been "afflicted" for quite some time, too.


I gave in...

Ordered from Levenger this afternoon. Going from PDF -> PNG so I could post to flickr & cut out my billing and mailing address makes it look funny. I'll fix it once I get home from work.



That Levenger shipment came in today. In it was the Universal PDA case.


The leather... *whimper*twitch*

So now I have my hPDA and my Palm PDA together in the most beautiful case in the world. Squee!!!! I can't stop touching it. And I'm left-handed, and I went ahead and got the monogram (what can I say, I had a "$15 off $75" coupon), so everything looks perfect. I am utterly delighted.

I also got some Circa stuff -- spare rings, slash pockets, and zip pockets -- but I'm too busy petting my lovely leather case to play with my Circa system. Hee.

Levenger is eeeeeeeeevil.

levenger leather card holders & TO-DO Cards...Marriage in heaven

Loving these orange "action cards" that I picked up at the Behance outfitter website... they practically scream "focus on action steps!"

I am tempted to pick up some of the blue behance action cards and then a levenger blue leather carrying case to keep them happy.

another behacne user?

i bought a set of the orange 3x5 action cards and circa punched them. i'm still debating how to integrate them into my workflow.

victor solis
gadgetvic (at) gmail dot com