ENJOY, FOLKS! I emailed and asked for a discount for diyplanner users. They know about us and it is just for us! Now let's get Levenger, etc...on board.

Here you are- a 20% off coupon good until the end of March.

Coupon code:


Enter it at the ring-bound or disk-bound products page.

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WooHoo for Lulu!!!

Thanks! Great job!

Good going!

Just a note for those taking advantage of this:

The 'enter the code' box is on the page where you pick out items, which means you have to enter the code EACH TIME if you want to order more than one kind of item, or even the same item in multiple colors.

(I thought it would catch the code if I 'updated' the order blank, but no. Had to delete each item and then add them back using the code.)


SusanBeth...Not sure what you are referring to, but your statement about having to enter in the coupon "each time you want to order an item" is incorrect. Once you enter the code, any item you "Add to Cart" will automatically apply the discount. This will hold true as long as you do not close the window you are shopping in or until your session times out (not sure how long this is, but perhaps 15 minutes or so). You can tell if the coupon is valid while your browsing because you will not be able to enter in an additional coupon and you will have the message "You have a valid coupon for 20% off" showing instead.

If you had items in your cart before you entered in the coupon, then yes, you will need to delete those items from your cart and reenter them.

I'm sure you're right but

I'm used to web sites where you pick out all the stuff you want and only put in the code when you 'close out' the cart and start entering address and payment info.

So I did it backwards -- entered all the little ring bound card thingies in various sizes and colors...and then had to delete them all and start over.

Live and learn.

lulu - thanks!

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for getting all of a discount! WAY 2 GO!!

nay nay

fun stuff

Thanks so much for getting this discount. I just got my order yesterday -- I bunch of the ring bound little notebooks (I got several sizes to see what works best). I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them, but I think I can use small D-rings to clip them different places in my life. I think I'm going to hang on off my key chain. Maybe another off my backpack and purse. I wonder if I could attach one to the zipper pull of my coat? But now I need some pens with clips or rings to go with them. Guess I need to go to the office supply store...

myndology discount

I ordered some of the discbound books. Should get here Tuesday.


Bumpity, bump bump

This discount expires tomorrow!! (or Saturday?)

Got the notebooks right on schedule. I like the Journal book!
Am considering ordering more. And maybe some refills.

Does anyone know... many pages are in each refill pack for these guys? I'm set to order some stuff, but I want to make sure I order enough pages. Is it a full refill (namely 72 pages like the original new notebooks)?

Just got an email from Myndology...

75 sheets in the journal pack refills. FYI.