Circa experiments!

I've been messing around with a couple of ideas with my Circa notebook - still haven't settled down on an exact system - but that'll probably never happen. Right now some major stuff is still getting the kinks worked out. Here's the whole set:

And here are two pictures of a neat little hack I came up with for a calendar using the wallet-size cards:

Anyone have any ideas for making a template for a weekly calendar and putting it on letter size paper, or would I just be better chopping up 4x6 cards and making my own?


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Nifty weekly calendar idea....

Actually, while perusing the Myndology site, thanks to another post, I started looking at those smaller cards, wondering if it would be possible to do something just what you are doing! The only difference between what you are attempting and what I was thinking was that I was thinking of putting only one day per card--on one side appointments, and on the other, tasks. And then, with six cards, you have seven days facing each other--only one week for six cards. If you want, you can pull the whole week, and take it as a mini-hipster. Don't know if that made sense or not. So.... I shall be eager to hear how your experiment works out. :-)

Sadly, I have several years before I will get my chance to play with Circa. And by then, something else may come up. :-(


several years?

Several years before you get a chance to play with Circa? You know you don't need to buy one of everything to try it out? 300 wallet cards and 22 Circa discs would set you back $38 plus tax & shipping. Want to guess how I know that? ;-) Haven't ordered yet, but I just ran out of cards.


It's the need not the money

I won't have a need for the Circa for the next couple years--as long as I'm here. It's when I return to the States that I will need the power and flexibility that Circa will give me. While here, my Palm and PocketMods get me through just fine, but in the States, with travel and all, I will need the hard copy of paper then. In fact, when we packed to come back here last year, I put my Franklin planner in storage. It's waiting for me, though probably won't be used at all.... ;-) but life's like that sometimes...


Planner comparison

Can you do a compare/contrast for the Franklin Planner vs. the Circa model? I'm not sure what is meant by disc? Thanks.



the circa model really isn't a model but a type of binder style. whereas, franklin covey and other planners utilize a 3-ring (or 6- or more ring) style, the circa (and rollabind) system uses a disc that is much like a rolladex.

The advantage of using this system over rings is that you can mix and match paper sizes (like having index cards sit with letter size pages) and move your pages around without the hassle of opening binders and getting your finger caught.

for more information on circa, read up on doug's series that started here:

or go to Levenger's site and see the gear.


Circa/Rollabind vs. Franklin Covey

Too see pictures of what is meant, either check out Levenger's website or check out the Circa/Rollabind Group on For a descriptions and comparisons, either search this site or check out my blog