Yet another new member...

Hello, my name is Diana and I'm an agenda addict. My stepfather gave me my first one when I was in 8th grade (a wire-bound assignment book/calendar) and the rest is history. I've pretty much had them all except the Harvard system. Spent 21 years in the military so for me an agenda was a necessity. At least that's how I justified buying them all :D
Now that I'm no longer in charge of anything that's not bolted to the ground, I've been unable to find a system that works for me. My life looks like this:
Work (shoot x-rays)
Driving to & from work (at least 45 minutes each way)
Home (laundry, kids, laundry, errands, laundry, cooking, laundry...that's how it feels anyway)
Anyhoo, just ordered the starter set from Levenger (man, I love their stuff) and the circimagine notebook. Also gonna zip on over to Staples to get some rollabind paper to experiment with. And try to put something together with that. That will be a different post in one of the other sections of the forum though.


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Circa/Rollabind addicts

You'll probably want to stop by and check out the Circa group on Also, Levenger does sell an "Agenda" calendar with monthly & weekly pages.

Did you get the Circamagine notebook in Junior size that was on sale? I was thinking about buying that but I'm not sure if it will be big enough for me to use as a planner.

For the home stuff - you'll want to check out FlyLady if you haven't already. I think there are even templates on this site for that.


Hi Kenny. It was the

Hi Kenny.
It was the pictures of your circa system that finally convinced me to just do it. Also frustration over my inability to put together a working system now that I don't have to schedule by the hour.
Yep, the circimagine is the junior size. I'm hoping that it will force me to be a little creative but that's all going in a different post.
Checked out flylady years ago and it does help. It's just a matter of maintenance.
Will check out, thanks.



Sounds like you are already hooked on all the important things, so there is little we can do except continue to encourage the addiction :)

Enjoy your stay.
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Thanks for the welcome

Thanks for the welcome ygor.
I've actually been in lurk-mode here for quite a long while. Just didn't feel I had anything to contribute. Finally bit the bullet on Sat night right before they shut down for the server switch.