Digital Voice Notes

Does anyone use a digital voice recorder? I carry a supply of notecards in my car, but don't think it is particularly safe to jot down a note while driving (the time when most ideas hit me). My cellular phone has a voice notes function, but it does a terrible job of picking up my voice. I practically have to shout into it.

The local Office Max store carries a few digital voice recorders, so I am tempted to pick one up.

Does anyone have experience with them?


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I always take my recorder on

I always take my recorder on long trips. I need to start carrying it all the time, though -- I have an extremely bad memory due to medication, and I lose thoughts all the time while driving.


I've heard good things about iRiver's mp3 players which happen to have a built-in FM tuner and microphone which both can record directly to mp3 on the device. Never tried one yet.



has a microphone option
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you're right...

I have an iPod, which is the only reason I don't have & haven't tried an iRiver. The difference here is the microphone option is an add-on to the iPod while with iRiver it is built-in. Not sure how well the mic option works on either though.


I have a Sony

This one, actually.

I like it. I usually take it on long car trips, which seems to be my best brainstorming time. (Of course it is, since I can't write anything down!)

But I've also been known to call my own voicemail and leave messages. (I don't like the memo option on my phone, either, and the memory fills up far too fast.)

I can download everything to my hard drive, so I can save things for as long as I like.


That Sony Looks Good

but its a bit pricey. I was hoping to spend about half that. But thanks for reminding me about Best Buy. They just opened a store nearby a few weeks ago, and I've been looking for an excuse to visit them. Guess who's going shopping today....



Stop by TigerDirect and check out their stuff. I found an MP3 player that retails for over $100 for just $30.00 after some rebates~!!! It works great and is just a manufacturers overstock from what I can tell...

You may get lucky and find a great deal~!

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I'd have bought a cheaper model...

...but my husband wanted to "borrow" it (and guess who has it more?!), so we got the more expensive one. The Sony does seem to have much better quality sound than other cheaper ones I've used in the past, but then again, hubby is an audiophile.

Check the model number and price online before you go-- there've been complaints recently of prices being different online v. in-store at Best Buy. (You can buy online for store pickup, and apparently your card isn't charged until you actually pick it up, so if you find something cheaper/better in the store, you can get that instead.)


Wouldn't be without one!

I put in a lot of windshield time on my job, and started carrying a digital recorder many years ago.

I record my thoughts then jot them down immediately after returning to the office. Unless I do that, sooner or later I'll be looking at having to transcribe a lot of old thoughts.

The only downside is remembering to be sure the recorder gets back in the car.