Circa Disc Storage

The more I use Rollabind and Circa products, the more rings I collect, especially as I swap out one size for another as books grow. Until now I've just been dumping rings into baggies, Altoids tins, and whatever else was around.

This offends my sense of tidiness (i.e., my inner Adrian Monk), so this weekend I built a prototype disc storage tower and dispenser. Check it out on my blog.

It's very much a prototype, and has some teething troubles as I describe in the build notes, but I'm hoping it will inspire someone here to go and make something even better.

How do you store your discs? What would your ideal storage unit look like?


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That's very cool!

I'm at the ziplock bag stage myself. But I really like the way you think... hmmmm.... poker chip cases... coin holders...

Poker chip cases...

Hi, Sarah -- ooh, poker chip cases! Brilliant! Didn't think of that... there must be some poker cool chip storage methods out there that could be adapted for rolla. I'll take a look.

Rollabind meets poker: Texas Fold-em (over)! :-D


My latest order of Circa

My latest order of Circa discs actually came in such a dispenser:

Guess you're on the right track!

Circa disc cases

I wonder if Levenger will ever consider selling those by themselves?


Tackle boxes


I've got mine in a series of small tackle boxes. One box per size of Rolla, and another box for the Circa, with one tube of XL Circa that won't fit into these boxes.

Yeah, I have a lot of them now. :)


Plastic vials for Circa Rolla disc storage

I saw the great dispenser prototype, but I have neither a place to store it nor the skills to make it. So, I googled around for a while and found some flip top vials that are about the diameter of the largest discs. 24 for 2.88 cents! The shipping added quite a bit, but 24 were more than enough for my several bags of discs.

I think it was including the link that got me blocked for spam the last time I tried to post this comment. They're at sks-bottle dot com, listed as Assorted Polypro Hinge Top Vials.

I find the Junior size covers and tiny rings are perfect for knitting patterns that I print in booklet form with Cocoabooklet, especially since y'all have encouraged my buying a B&W duplex laser refurbished printer. If only making my to-do list perfect actually got things done.

I may not be any better organized, but it all looks pretty.

think spice vials, hard candy storage jars


there are wonderful spice holders at goodwill with holders that can be on countertop or walls or carousel. Just wash out glass bottles, they ought not hold scent of spice prvious, although there are some spices that might be nice to have a tiny scent of on disks. lol. You can also buy the used glass or plastic bottles and make holders out of stiff cardboard to slant at a 30 degree angle on desktop if you wanted

there are also cannisters (see thrugh, big semi-round, and the kind with glass round lid on front that you lift off, that used to be used for dry food and candy storage; pier one, likely, kmart, garage sales, etc. Better than most mason jars, cuase the opening is often large enough for pps hands, men and women's to reach in and sift through and take out what they like

also at big lots, multi small drawer boxes clear-see-through for storing by size or color could be semi-heavenly

mine are still in ziplock sandwhich bags, but I am thinking something more formal and semi-elegante might be nice.

just my thoughts.


craft organizer

I ended up putting my discs in a plastic craft organizer I purchased from Wal-Mart for less than $2. It is meant for beads and things like that but each little section holds around 25 discs of the 3/4 inch size. There are 17 compartments, including one really big one I have a few 1 1/2" discs in.