my first Levenger purchase

I did it... just now during my break.


I thought about it a lot and for the price... with shipping... its below the original cost.

I'm so excited~!

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I bought the same

I bought the same thing, plus the zipper pouches, page finder, and some extra discs. SOOOO tempting to buy so much more. Now the wait begins...


:o) great minds...

I browse the Levenger site more times a day than I should admit to... and when I saw it... and the price, I figured it would be a great way to experiment with the system. Ryan has been a huge help answering my bizarro questions regarding Circa and this will finally put a piece of the puzzle into my own hands. :o)

Plus, the combination of paper styles will hopefully help me decide what one is best for me.

If I finally get a punch, I can see myself adding some sketch paper... and maybe moving my daily hpda things into it as well.

Half price is a beautiful thing!

So, how is it?

By now you've had lots of time to play with your first Levenger purchase, Sara. How do you like it? Is it everything you hoped it would be?



I'm going through the initial... "don't actually use it" right now.

I've added some important extras like 3x5 cards... and showed EVERYONE that comes within 10 feet of me... BUT,... so far I've not decided its purpose in my arsenal yet...

I really like the idea of it being my main planner type thing... but... I use my red comp book for that... lol.

I'm sure I'll get brave early this week... the more I add things to it, the more I'm looking foward to my Rolla punch's arrival. Even scouted out buying larger discs for my long list of ideas... :D

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You go, girl!

Right on Sara. You will love it...


I'm so excited~!!! seriously would have jumped up and down if I weren't here at work... ;P

Now I just need a punch... darn ebay and my inability to win auctions ;P heheh

((no more hearts for my siggy i guess :( ))
? ~ ? ~ ?
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You could use stars

You could use stars or plus signs or "at" signs or even dollar signs......

or plain...?

Testing heartless siggy line...


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Missin' the Hearts

I for one am missing the hearts in your siggy line.

BTW, Congrats on your first Levenger purchase!! What a great way to brighten a Monday.


Ohh..I ordered that and the

Ohh..I ordered that and the starter set on Sat. Should have gotten the sampler as well.
Congrats on your purchase


Ha ha! Levenger should have a

Ha ha! Levenger should have a "Apply for Levenger credit card and Buy All Items Now (in every color)" Button!!


Good choice, Sara.

Good choice, Sara. Congratulations.

good luck?

I received the shipping notification last night via email :) ... I can't wait...

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Still on Sale??

I clicked the link and it doesn't take you directly to the item in question any more (if I recall correctly it was a Circa Junior). Does anyone know if it is still on sale?

sold out? :-(

Sorry, I think those are all sold out now. I heard a rumor that particular line of notebooks, the "Circamagine" was discontinued. It was a Junior size Circa notebook with 20 pages of each: blank pages, lined pages, and grid pages.



Hi Sara: Hey ! I am excitedly looking forward to the Levenger catalog that I ordered a few days ago so I can't imagine how exciting it is to have something actually coming your way !! Congratulations.


It came today ... I opened it... a bit smaller than I expected but thats because I've been plagued with cumbersome letter size notebooks for the longest time. Also I was suprised that there was no glowing light shining down from the heavens or classical chorus music when I removed the wrapping...

I can't wait to get home and actually hold it.... and appreciate it... and most importantly... start USING it~!!!

thanks to everyone for introducing me to the Circa line and thank you to RYAN for answering all my many goofy questions~!!! <3 (<- heart) I predict this is the start of a beautiful obsession... errr. ;P

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Levenger must be skimping! :)

They must be skimping if they forgot to put the portable music box and spotlight in with the circamagine!! Maybe they don't do that for sale items? You better email Ryan and ask!!!!



I'm so jealous. The package tracking on my order says

"Status: Acceptance

Your shipment was Accepted/Picked Up at 12:10 PM on March 15, 2007"

I had it shipped to my work address but it is at the post office nearest my house! I asked a coworker when the mail comes and she told me they come in the morning - so if I don't have it yet I probably won't get it until Monday!!!

I'm going to call the post office when I get a chance to see if I could pick it up.



Short story: my package from Levenger is here!!! Longer version: online package tracking says it was delivered 8 am Saturday morning March 17, 2007 to zip code 99910. I looked up that zip code on and it says there is no such zip code! This had me really worried since it looks like it may be a California zip code. I came into work this morning as the mail guy was putting stuff in the mailboxes and he says the package was delivered to the main mail room Saturday. Hooray! Sadly, I don't have access to a digital camera at work so I'm going to have to wait until tonight to post pictures.



I couldn't resist uploading pictures of my new stuff :-) They are up at my Circa set located on



Congrats~! You could save your Levenger air pillows and make a bed eventually :o)

I only got a padded envelope for my single item purchase... maybe it would make a good pillow case? ;P

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too late

I wish you'd posted that earlier. I have a habit of popping these air pillows.


That's another thing I like

That's another thing I love about this site. Even my goofy questions are helpfully answered. I feel like I have struck gold here.

Link no longer works :(


The link only takes me to the front page, but I'm thoroughly intrigued by the veiled references to something cool from one of my favorite places. Perhaps a part number OR more direct clue can be coaxed out of someone here?



sold out, I think

The link goes to a sale on the Circamagine notebook in Junior size that Levenger had on sale. I haven't seen anything in the Circamagine line on Levenger's page except for a couple refill packs since the notebooks disappeared. If you want to see what you missed, check out Sara's pictures on

You can often find specials on these notebooks by going to and clicking on "Sale". The front page of the sale page only lists their "best values" but you can see additional items on sale by clicking on the navigation on the left after going to the sale section.

I don't know for sure if the Circamagine notebooks are sold out, but going on sale and disappearing the way they did, that is my guess as to what happened. There's someone from Levenger by the name of Ryan who is fairly active in discussions on this site. Hopefully he'll read this and chime in with some info on what's going on. You aren't the first person who has asked about this.



They no longer have any for sale... they were discontinued.

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Circamagine no longer available


Sara is correct. Both the Junior and Letter-sized Circamagine notebooks have completely sold out. (I was pretty fond of the name for this product.)


life hack

I'm excited for you!

How's this for a life hack? Yesterday I took the wire frame used for bathing a newborn, and hooked it over my treadmill (a ten dollar flea market find) so I pour over Levenger catalogs and get my walk in at the same time. My workout went twice as fast.

I'm smitten with some of the products for home libraries, especially the reproduction of the New York Public library lamp. (Part of the proceeds go to the library.) I also love the colour of their bluebell line. I don't think I'd get tired of it. Very sky like... energizing and calming.

Maybe I should convince my husband to spend the money we saved on the treadmill? Just kidding! (-;

then again...


I'm so glad...

I've never heard of Levenger before I started hanging around this site, and that they don't have a shop anywhere near me. I would have spent all my money and maxed my credit card at that store. All the pretty leather things in bluebell...

So, how much is actually the shipping fee?