Circa Leather Jacket W/ Notebook

Okay I'm sorry if this question has been answered before, but I would like to buy this Circa Folio,
and I was wondering if it takes 5.5X8.5 paper sheets? So I could use it with DIY planner.

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From what I can tell...

It holds a junior circa notebook... the refill size paper for the notebooks
Measures 5 5/8" x 8 1/4"

So it is very close. I would say yes... but since I don't have one, someone with access to one should probably confirm... or Ryan. :o)

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photographic answer

I know this was discussed earlier, but I can't seem to find that discussion. Here's some photo evidence on my flickr account. This is a Junior size Circa notebook with plastic cover and 1/2" discs, Rollabind Junior size pages, and a Franklin Covey Classic size form stuffed in a Rollabind Junior size pocket.

Classic size is just a tad taller, and just a tiny bit thinner. The thinner part doesn't bother me. The taller sticks out a bit from the plastic notebook covers. I don't know about the leather covers. The way most planner pages are, you should be able to chop the bottom 1/4" off and only some blank space.

If you're going to use DIYPlanner forms with your Circa, you'll want to invest in a hole punch and probably a good paper cutter too if you're using anything besides letter size.


Circa Junior vs. D*I*Y Standard


I combined both sizes of paper in the notebook you were considering to help you visualize the difference.

Link to Flickr set contrasting the two sizes in a translucent notebook [3 photos]


Thanks for the visual

It looks a little tight, but workable, on the longer edge. How hard is it too align the paper when punching it to get it to fit that well?

Desktop punch setting for standard-sized smurfing

It's fairly simple on the desk punch. To align the paper to fit the translucent junior notebook, move the size slider bar 1/4" to the right (four clicks.)

For the portable punch, you will need to center the page using the ruler marks as your guide. Utilize a sharpie marker to make your own mark on the rule above and below the page for 8 1/2".


portable punch

For the best fit in my Jr notebook, I line the top edge of the paper with the bottom of the opening of the first disc guide.

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