How Do I Print and Resize Non-Letter Size Documents As Letter Size Documents


I am new here. I have a few questions. How do I Print and Resize Non-Letter Size Documents as Letter Size Documents?

I really would like to do this since I set up a calendar using letter size.


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Have you looked at these



I looked at these and downloaded them they are fabulous. I was just wondering if all the other documents could be adjusted to fit into this size --- since there is so many other incredible forms available to use.

Do you know of any resize software program?


Adobe Reader doesn't do this?

I use Apple's own Preview app for this, but I thought that Adobe Reader also scales up. I am not sure where it does this, but you should be able to set it up so that the pdf expands to fill the page. Look in the printing settings. I believe that, out of the box, it's set to reduce only, but you can also set it to expand to fill. If you aren't using pdfs, maybe you can find a utility that converts to pdf (I know there's at least one freebie for Windows that converts to pdf when you print), and then print the pdfs.


Fill to Page, I Think.

Maybe not called that exactly, but certainly a feature available in Adobe. I don't know how much pixelation you'd see, however.


Hopefully none

The fonts should scale just fine, and the graphics, if they are vector from Illustrator should also scale just fine. Proportions might go out of wack, though, and line spacings might become rather large, but I would think that overall, they should scale fine...