Interestingly cheap fobster pda case?

I went perusing in a Dollarama store earlier today. I really like their stationary products, not only because they are cheap (1$), but because they really do have things nobody else has. I got two packs of 25 Studio-brand poly 3x5 tabs for 1$ each. They are actually thicker and sturdier than the Oxford poly tabs. And cheaper.

Anyway, among everything else, I saw the Studio-brand "6 in 1 Mini Stationary Set". What it is is a clear hard plastic case, 11.1 cm x 6.5 cm, containing a small pad (8.9 cm x 4.7 cm), a ballpoint pen (9.2 cm long) and yellow post-it style page markers. The case also comprises a universal 2007-2008 calendar, an 8 cm ruler and a small magnifier in one corner. The top pivots open. Studio is the home brand for Dollarama, so this means it can only be found in Canada. The set is made in China.

LINK TO PICS HERE (on flickr)

I thought it interesting so I bought it (at 1$, there was nothing to lose). I think it could easily be adapted to become some sort of mini hipster or even a fobster. With a better ballpoint (the one included is beyond cheap), and specially cut cards or paper, it could work. The pad is ever so slightly smaller than regular business cards (which are usually 8.9 cm x 5 cm) and the case can't accomodate bigger than 8.9 x 4.7.

Tell me what you think.


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That is cool!

That is cool!

Fobster trading

At that price you could buy a heap of them and make a few dollars selling them to the Fobsterers.

I like the case - very swish