'Nother Newbie Here

After all these years, my unorganizedness has finally gotten so bad that I have no choice but to do something about it. A Google search for something along the lines of "tips for getting organized" led me here, and thence to all manner of blogs, commercial sites, and various other pieces of related Web content. GTD kept popping up, so I bought the book, downloaded all the 43 Folders interviews with David Allen (and burned to CDs for listening in the car), and am generally trying to see if this is the plan that'll stick for me.

What brought me to this point is the realization that I was (still am, I guess) losing track of too many things, work-wise. In my previous life as a producer in a TV newsroom, my organization style (or lack thereof) never really caused a problem. Every day brought a fresh start, and I rarely had projects that carried over multiple days.

A little over two years ago, though, my dream job (Director of Communications at my college alma mater) opened up and I was fortunate enough to get the job. I managed to keep my head above water for the first couple of months, but then my lack of skills for handling multiple overlapping-time-frame projects began to catch up with me. I've been feeling like I'm slowly sinking in the resulting morass, and while helping my wife (an office supply and calendar/planner/organizer junkie) search for a new planner system to replace what she'd been using, finally decided to grow up and do something about the organizational problems I've been causing myself.

So here I am, with a "365" (the Target-branded Franklin Covey) "classic" size planner (available to me because the Mrs. wanted one binder but the "innards" of a different one, so we bought them both and she cobbled together her ideal setup), a hodgepodge of forms from said planner purchases and D*I*Y Planner, a bunch of new file folders and a brand spankin' new Brother labeler to GTD-ize them, and already a frustration at trying to figure out an easy way to 7-hold punch paper without spending another $18 to buy the special hole puncher.

Wish me luck.

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