2008 calendars already?!?!

I was in Staples tonight and saw something strange: a display stand with 2008 calendars - At-A-Glance brand I believe it was. Here we are, not even halfway through March, the 2007 calendars still on display for full retail price instead of marked down and they are starting to put out the 2008 calendars! Weird. They also had a pack of G2 Pilot Mini pens I was tempted to buy. I believe it was 8 colors for around $9. I would've bought them but my wife thinks we already have too many pens and Levenger has my office supply money for the month.


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I was at OfficeMax this week... wasting time between a doc appt and work... didn't buy anything because nothing was... JUSTRIGHT. (the Levenger catalog is making me picky heheh)

None of the 2007 calendar goodies were on sale~! and even the clearance tables were filled with full price items. The girl I finally was able to corral into a corner said that they put all the homeless items on the clearance tables now. bahhh.

I want UBER cheap stuff pronto~! I can recall the current year stuff being on sale by march or april... no? and if they start 08 already they should slap some discounts on stuff~!

ps... my task list wallet at OfficeDepot is STILL on backorder too... no new toys ... :SnifflE: I'll have to keep folding paper via the templates... and hope one actually turns out decent hehe.

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calendar sales

You'd think 2007 stuff would be on sale January 2007 to get that stuff out of there ASAP. Sadly, I think that just applies to the seasonal calendar stores in the malls. When I picked up a calendar pack for my wife's planner at Target - I think it was in January 2007 - they had the 2007 refill pages but all the planners either had undated calendars or 2006 calendars. ALL FULL PRICE!

I was really hoping Levenger's Circa Agenda 2007 would be included in their latest sale, but sadly it looks like it isn't. :-(


levenger agenda

I wonder if they only send the current month onward for the agendas... I know some website stores will do that as the year progresses... I really wanted to get one but I cant fit into the budget this year >.< ... barely squeezing the rollabind punch in that I keep trying for on EBay :)

ps. I havent been to a mall in forever... I should have checked the after new year's calendar shop sales >><< DOH

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