From the chilly State of Minnesota

Hello everyone! I found this site in my never-ending search to be efficient. Being a business owner, I am constantly striving to find methods to become more organized and thus more able to get things done. From what I have seen, this site is a true gem. I have already put many of the 3x5 card forms to good use and anticipate utilizing the classic size planners.

Thank you for providing such an excellent resource.

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Fellow MN!

Hey JBeulke! WELCOME! I am from MN as well, so a Minnesotan Welcome as well! It is chilly today, isn't it? The snow (2+ feet of it) seemed to all melt this week, so I have a pond forming in my back yard... Like we always say - "If you don't like the MN weather right now, wait 5 minutes and it will change!"

Again, Welcome!

nay nay


Only in Mn can temperatures and weather change so drastically. But I wouldn't live anywhere else. Unfortuantely for me, my back yard is part of the drainage system for my neighborhood. Instead of a pond, I have a river flowing through my lawn into the sewer grate. Oh well.

take care!


Not True!

You Minnesota-ers (?) have got nothing on us here in central New York. Wednesday it was 65 and today we're getting a Noreaster, with a foot of snow expected. Come on now! :-)


Hey NY!

I feel for you as we had that last week or was it the week before? I don't know, but all of the snow was gone, the temp was in the positive digits and even double positive digits like around the 50's! THEN TWO FEET (or more) OF SNOW IN ONE WEEK! YUCK! Then it all melted in one week, so I had some water in my basement and stuff. Now, cold again! Still in the positives, but definitely not Spring yet. Does Mother Nature know the first day of Spring is on Tuesday??? She better get the Sun out!

Smiles from MN to NY!
nay nay


That chick needs to get her head on straight. Punxsutawney Phil said we'd have an early spring... Just 6 more weeks for winter after Feb 2, which means today is IT!

Never been to MN - I'll give you a ring if I come your way, nay nay!


They Say That Everywhere

I live in WI and we say that same thing about waiting five minutes for the weather to change. When I lived in TN they also said it there.

As for the groundhog...his predictions are a moot point here in WI. Memorial Day can be an "early spring".


shhh bob

mother nature is a woman... shhhhh... you don't want her to hear you bein sassy ;P

signed, fellow cheesehead and productivity addict. <3

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Meanwhile here in Iowa

We had 14 inches of snow on March 1st with 8 foot snow drifts. By March 12th it was 80 degrees! Now it is almost all melted and flooding some areas. We moved to higher ground after the great flood of '97 when there were so many roads flooded that it was not possible to get into or out of town as we live in a hilly, wooded region. Our state saying is: "If ya don't like the weather here...wait 5 minutes and it will change!"

Not everywhere!

I live in Florida -- where it's too hot for nine months of the year and pleasant for three. Unfortunately we're coming on the hot season again. Bleah. I need to move to another state...

they do say that everywhere

Here in Ohio, they say "wait 5 minutes and the weather will change" too. We had two days with highs in the 70's and then two days with some flurries. Not enough to stick, just enough you could look outside and say "It's snowing."