Sort on templates by date added plus recommendations or rakings?

I may have missed how to do this, but it'd be nice if you could sort the templates based on their date of submission. This way I can take a look at what is new, besides scanning for the red "new" tags.

Adding a mechanism to "vote" or "rank" the templates would be neat. Then we could sort on the most approved/voted/ranked templates.

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I really like this idea!

I have filed the templates I liked in a folder on my comp. There are lots of new templates being submitted (and really good ones), but I may be missing some of the new by having to page through all of it.


There have been several requests for this, and it's high on my list. Stay tuned.

New Templates

I second that! Or maybe even a forum just for NEW templates that would be a short term fix. PLEASE!

Adding dates to templates


Part of the 21 March updates

I've implemented this as part of the 21 March updates and fixes.