Astrological Day Planner

We make a yearly day-by-day planner which is produced based upon your moment and place of birth. It can begin with any month you choose. The Cosmic Window offers a glance in color at the ups and downs for each day, monthly and yearly summaries, favorability ratings for various activities (communication, travel, romance etc) by day/month.

We have been doing this for subscribers for 20 years now. The book is wire-bound, but we also make custom size and hole-punch pages to fit into any commercial binder.

This is a way for hobbyists, professionals or even skeptics to do their planning with unique personal astrological input. And astrology is primarily about timing.

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Interesting Topic...

This is a great idea. However I was hoping that the post would be more about someone's personal experiences with making their OWN astrology planner or using astrology as their "timing" methodology. The product seems interesting but this post reads like spam.

So in the hopes of bringing it back on topic... anyone use astrology or astrological based readings in their planners or GTD pholosphy?


Astrological Day Planner

Yes it does sound like spam. It was an attempt (I'm new here) to let people who like to use hard copy planners know that such an unusual item exists.

What would you like to know about my experiences making my OWN planner? I made my first one as a wall calendar 20 years ago, using an expensive inefficient Mac and a slow noisy dot matrix printer. Now it's a color laser printer and a planner.

I have used astrology for 32 years, at first as a skeptic testing it to find fault, then as a convert who found it so mysteriously helpful.

What does "GTD" mean? What would be on topic?

I started using astrology to plan when in my first year of it, I planned a job change and move to another state based solely on my amateurish understanding of my chart. The timing was incredible. As we packed up and got ready to leave, still with no job or savings or income to come, and after going to the new state and renting a house two weeks earlier, the night before we moved out the phone rang, and it was a company I had applied with and been rejected, saying they had changed their minds, and could I possibly start in three days?

How was that? I moved the next day and started my job as if it had all been planned out in advance.


GTD is "Getting Things Done" - a productivity plan by David Allen. Many of us are here because we're trying to GET things done, and find D*I*Y Planners a great way to approach that goal. For more info on GTD, try hitting the search bar in the lower right hand corner of these pages or take a look around in the forums, particularly this one. You might also read through some of the early articles to get a feel for what GTD is all about.

It's awesome to me that so many minds can find a home on this site - from artists, to writers, to astrologists, to corporate types, to ...whatever!


"We need another news channel like a hole in the back..."
- Rodney Crowell - "Fate's Right Hand"

GTD & Other Recommended Readings

You'll find a quick blurb on David Allen and GTD, as well as on Covey and a bunch of other works we tend to discuss, over on the Recommended Readings page.

all my best,


Didn't read like spam to me....

came across as someone with a long-term, long-time idea, in use by many people for a number of years, providing a link to hisser system so people could look it over and perhaps template some of it in D*I*Y for themselves if it fit their needs....

It costs money, but that's not all bad. Some people might like that heesh would provide some templates for free....