Quality / interchangeability of Circa & Rolla punches

If I understand correctly, Circa (Levenger) and Rolla rings/discs are completely interchangeable. I am debating whether to get the Rolla desktop &/or personal punch through Wilde-Ideas for roughly $56.00 and $30.00 respectively. There may also be an additional $20.00 off. But I'm wondering about the quality of the construction of the punches. Is Circa better?
Thanks, ~Cath

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Rolla punches


I have had both of the Rollabind punches and am completely satisfied with the quality and durability.

The desktop punches weigh about the same (four pounds) which leads me to believe that the construction is either identical or nearly so.

But I haven't ever seen the Circa punches.


Circa vs. Rollabind punches

Given the price of the punches, I doubt you'll find many people that have both the Circa Levenger punch and Rollabind. I'm pretty sure the punches by both brands are very similar. The desktop punches are heavier and do a whole letter-sized page all at once while the portable/personal punch is lighter weight but still high quality, it just has a movable piece that only does 3 holes at once.

I've got notebooks of both the Rollabind brand from Staples and the Circa from Levenger. The rings are 100% interchangeable but I find the pages seem to turn more smoothly on Circa rings. I'd seriously recommend trying both. Then decide if the extra money for Circa is worth it and then buy the punch from whoever you decide to buy the rings from.