4x6 Hipster templates?

With so many inkjets having 4x6 boarderless printing photo trays and blank 4x6 index cards being dirt cheap, why aren't there 4x6 hipster templates?

Even if the 3x5 cards are more comfortable to hold, the ease of printing 4x6 should at least justify having the templates.

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Good point...

Years ago, I refilled all my 4x6 memo paper holders with 4x6 index cards. They hold up better than paper and give me plenty of room to take detailed notes (as 3x5 cards often do not).

And you're right-- borderless 4x6 is a de facto standard for photo printers these days, so they should print 4x6 hipster cards just fine.



Could you take the 3x5 templates and set your printer to scale them up to the 4x6 size?


4x6 is a different aspect

4x6 is a different aspect ratio than 3x5 to begin with, and "borderless printing" puts a 1/2 inch margin on one of the 4 inch sides where it grips the page, so the best I could scale to is 3.3x5.5 printed on the top center of a 4x6 card, and that doesn't look very nice.