Saved by the hPDA

Yesterday, Umberto, my faithful MacBook Pro, decided it was time to take a vacation and shut down. I could not boot it up again. It just woudn't. A thorough emergency examination by the best Mac tech I know revealed a corrupted system file. My boot up disk being at home -- in another city -- I could not fix the thing before going home this morning. Hence, I had to give my night class sans Umberto.

Thankfully for me, I had jotted down my ideas for my class into my hPDA before writing my PowerPoint presentation. I was able to give my class, without any of the online clips I had planned (I still had a few dvd clips, thankfully) and the students got their learning experience nevertheless.

I have had my hPDA for a little over a month now. I have never been so pleased with a decision than I was yesterday.

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