Rolla plunged

You all know how prohibitive Levenger prices can be went shiped to Canada. You all know also that Rollabind is not much better. Over the last two weeks or so, I have been calling every craft, paper and scrapbooking store within 25 km of my home town and of my work town to find out if they carried Rollabind products. I discovered that precious few stores carry Rollabind in Canada. Ebay prices were not interesting and many of the sellers were actually American sellers anyway. Searching the Internet only confimed this. The only store that STILL carried Rollabind that I had access to sold the Crafter's kit at a 40% marked up price. I continued calling around.

Monday I got fed up. I called that store and toled them that I thought a 40% mark up was exorbitant. They agreed. They proposed on the spot to give me a 20% discount. I accepted. Later than day, I became the proud owner of a Rollabind protable punch and a slough of rings, though none medium size. I'll have to remedy that when go to Boston, because the Large Rolla are too large for my taste.

I have taken the Circa/Rolla plunge. My hPDA is now a circaPDA. You can take a look HERE on flickr.

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It looks great! I cannot wait until I can circa-fy my hpda... :D

You used just colored dividers in your hPDA? or do you pages have colored edges also?

my artwork

Colored cards

I just used colored cards. I may convert to tabs when I get a circaPDA cover from Levenger, but I really like the slicker profile of the colored cards. Nothing sticks out.