"New Members" forum area

Another online community forum that I frequent often has a forum area speifically for "New Members". It allows people to introduce themselves or just say hello and admins or other members can direct them if they seem a little lost about the site. It might be helpful here, particularly if there are going to be many types of kits/systems that people use for "organizing".

Also wanted to say that D*I*Y Planner struck me right off as a well designed and accessible website, great news for a brand new website. I can't believe you got Drupal to do all of this. :)

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New Forum Area: New Members

Sounds like a good idea to me. I'll add it under General Topics.

all my best,

Nessa -- ~~making innocent

~~making innocent internet bystanders evil, one username at a time. ~~

just in case you don't see mhy post there...

THANK YOU. what an AWESOME GREAT site you have.