Personal Punch comparison? and Rollabind in the greater Boston, MA area?

From everything I've read it sounds like the desktop punches are comparable. But I seem to remember that either the Circa or the Rolla personal punch is plastic.

Does anyone here know enough about both of these personal punches to compare and contrast them? For the difference in price I'd rather get the Circa for starters if the quality is noticeably better.

Also, does anyone know if there are any Rollabind stores in the greater Boston, MA area? Preferably on the South Shore.

Thanks in advance.

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circa or rollabind punches

I'm not sure about differences in the personal punch, but I believe the prices are very similar unless you track down a great deal on Ebay. If you are only getting the punch, I think the only real disadvantage to going with a Circa from Levenger is the shipping. Why not visit the Levenger store in Boston?


Personal Punch


Rollabind: The alignment tool is largely plastic, but the hole punch is primarily metal. The alignment tool does have a metal clip that holds the paper down while you punch, and the puncher has a plastic bin for the scraps. It is a high quality item, well engineered to do the job it is designed for.

I believe the Circa to be basically identical.

It's the Covey portable punches that are plastic. Boy are they nasty.