Sorry, I caused a problem :(

I made a post in response to "Browse archives calendar problem with Safari" which included some html. Sorry, it seems to have interpreted the html and screws up that forum topic. I can't get in and edit the post. Can an admin get in and fix the post? How does one avoid this problem in the future?

Great way to start my first day on D*I*Y Planner!

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no problem.

I fixed it. No worries.

And I see Doug went in and marked it up properly.

HTML Inputs (admin stuff)

We've turned off Markdown until we get a better handle on how its module filters HTML. What it means is that people without significant access permissions can't enter codes that might make the system burp.

If anyone here really misses Markdown, please get in touch and we'll try our best to figure out how to re-instate it.

all my best,