What does your GUI look like?

This may be a bit off topic, but here goes...

I rented and watched the movie "Stranger Than Fiction" tonight. I'll try not to spoil it for those who haven't seen it yet... For those who haven't seen the trailer, the basic idea is there is this IRS tax auditor and one day he wakes up and starts hearing voices. The voice is narrating his life! It is an author writing a book about him! Everyone else thinks he's crazy.

Anyway, throughout the movie, this guy is counting nearly everything. How many times he brushes his teeth, how many steps he takes, etc etc. and instead of counting out loud, there's these little graphics that pop up to show what he's thinking.

One of the extras on the DVD is "The GUI" where they talk about the design of the graphics and talk to the guys who made the movie and the graphic design company that did the graphics.

One of the guys brought up that once they started messing with this "GUI" idea, every one of the computer geeks working on the movie started talking about their GUI and how it works.

So: any math geeks or computer geeks or anyone interested in numbers, computers, or graphic design - chime in or check out this movie if you get a chance. Its a fun one to watch.


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