Personal & Desktop Rollabind punches: $21.56 & 43.96

At the suggestion of someone else on these boards I checked out Wilde-Ideas. They are having a 20% off sale. (Note, sale ends on March 21 at 5:00 PM). I read the fine print and didn't think it would apply to the Rolla items because they were already on sale but I did see the additional discount taken off of my entire purchase.

So the personal and desktop punches wound up costing about $21.56 & 43.96 respectively.

The discs were about $3.59 and $4.31 for the black and multi-color translucent respectively in small and medium (50 and 40 per bag). They only had one metallic color (bright silver) in size large and those would be $10.79 for a package of 30, after the additional 20% off.

I did go to Levenger at lunch today and picked up the last two packages of red Circa rings advertised at $3.95 for a package of 22. They also had four bags of matte gold Circa rings at this price, which I also bought. Now that I know how much the Rolla costs in metallic I think I got a pretty good deal on the Circa gold.

Regarding the mold marks I've heard about. I did notice them on some of the loose Circa rings at the Levenger store. For the price I paid for Circa rings, compared to the Rollabind discs, I have to hope that Circa has substantially fewer mold marks.

Also, I picked up a free Circa Junior starter notebook.

Wish me luck on a fast Wilde-Ideas shipment so I can get started on a customized Circa hPDA!!!!

Thanks for all the feedback. Especially from those that suggested Wilde-Ideas.

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Free Shipping: Domestic Ground for

I forgot to mention the free shipping for orders of $99.00 and over. For orders of $49.00 and over Domestic Ground shipping is only $4.99. I think this is their normal shipping policy.

So for a little more than $100.00 I got a desktop punch, two personal punches and 4 bags of small and medium sized discs (with 50 and 40 discs per bag) and one bag of large discs (30 per bag); for a total of about 210 discs.

That's less than what you would pay for the desktop punch crafters kit with 144 discs on Ebay ($99.95 plus $9.50 for shipping and handling). So it's like I'm getting the two personal punches, 66 extra discs and shipping for free.

However, the sale ends on Monday.

I do have one question for anyone familiar with Wilde-Ideas. At the end of my order I got a message saying I would receive an email confirmation. Which of course I didn't get. I then added their email address to my address book (which seems to be the way you re-set the Spam filter for my ISP, Verizon) and I then went back to the site and used my order number to try and get a status. I tried again this morning, still no luck. Is that just because it's the weekend? I'm not too worried because I do have the order number and I have a printout of the order; but I am curious.

This was part of my hesitation in buying online and why I was asking about a bricks and mortar store in my area. I'm pretty sure I'll be ok; I'm just wondering if this is an indication of how the shipping process will go and whether I'll probably wind up on the phone with them at some point.

Wilde-Ideas process


When I ordered from them, I immediately got an email saying the order was received (your spam filter may have caught that one). A day or two later I got an email indicating which parts were in stock and which were not. If all of your stuff is in stock then you'll probably just get the shipping notice, which I got later (after working out issues with out of stock stuff).

If any of your stuff is out of stock, they'll ask you what you want to do and give you an estimate of when they'll have new stock (if they know).

The online order status thingy basically just told me 'order received' until I got an emailed shipping notice. At that point I quit checking the online doodad, I am pretty sure I had a tracking number from the shipping email.

So give them a couple of days--they don't work on weekends--to figure out the stock situation and send you a note. Or you can call them up and ask--the emails seem to come from the same person I got on the phone.


Thanks again

I just responded to your reply to another post of mine. Thanks again for the input.

Ultimately I think I'll be very glad that I got over my hangup about using my credit card over the internet. Unless someone steals my credit card info, despite their multiple assurances about "secure transactions".

Credit card transactions.


I've been using my credit info over the internet for about 9 years now, and I've never had any problems with any of my online purchases.

Ironically, one of the brick-and-mortar stores I use regularly had their data hacked and I had to get a new card and number from my bank. That was three or four years ago, I think.

If someone is stealing my identity, they haven't messed up my credit yet. :)

Anyway, the lesson is that using a credit card at any time carries a bit of risk. You should check your report annually, make sure your card has a good fraud policy--like that they'll call you to confirm anything suspicious, and if you have a debit card on a bank account, make sure you don't keep your life savings in that same account. :) Be wary, but don't be crippled by your vigilance.


Credit Card Vigilance

Good point.

$43 for desktop punch?

Are you sure it is $43 for the desktop punch? I just looked and it says $53 and that is including the 20% off. The only good news there, with it being over $49 it qualifies for the $4.99 flat rate shipping.



When you go to your shopping cart make sure to enter the coupon code "IRISH" ...

Does yours state that an additional 20% discount was applied?

my artwork


I guess I should've read the thing on their site about the sale. I had just added to the cart and tried to checkout, didn't realize I needed to enter a code. With the code, the punch with shipping ends up being what it was without the shipping and the code.


Discount Code: Irish

I almost made that mistake myself. Sorry I didn't think to mention that in my earlier post.

It may not be too late to cancel your order and resubmit it.

ETA - Here is the address to their "Conditions of Use and Store Policy".

If you scroll about half way down you'll find their Cancellation policy. Check your order status. If it hasn't been filled yet you may be able to cancel and re-order with the discount.

Good luck.

ordered with the code

I actually stopped my order when the prices looked higher than they should be. So - no need to cancel, just finished the order up with the code "IRISH" and all is good. Without the code, it was $53 or so for the desktop punch, $58 with shipping. With the code it was $48 with shipping! I think they applied the better shipping rate because my order was over $50 and THEN applied the discount. A nice happy surprise.


Revised pending order??

So you were able to check on the status of a completed order and apply the "Irish" discount before the order was filled?

I was pleased that the shipping discount was applied automatically but I think that's because that isn't a special offer but rather their regular policy.

ETA - If you can revise a pending order I might add another desktop punch for my sister once I can pull my order up for a status. It isn't showing right now because I placed my order late Friday; I'm hoping it will show tomorrow (Monday).


didn't complete first order

Sorry I wasn't clear... I didn't edit a pending order. I added the punch to my cart, saw it wasn't the price that was mentioned here, removed it from my cart and then posted asking why the price was wrong. Then I went back and complete the order with "IRISH" as my checkout code. Hope that clears things up!

I seem to remember other people posting that Wilde Ideas has really good customer service. Maybe you could call and see if you can change your order before it is shipped?