unschedule with ical or google calendar and paper

I'm almost done reading the book "The Now Habit" and feel the idea of the "Unschedule" in there is a great idea. It is almost like a budget for your time, including some planned time to do something fun. I posted this message to the The Now Habit Yahoo Group, but I'd like to see what kind of answers people on this site can come up with.

I was messing around with iCal and found that printing out a weekly view of that is so close to an unschedule if you tell it to start and end the day at midnight.

You can create different calendars. I have fun, meeting time, misc (stuff I have to do - sleeping, commute to work, meals, etc), work (just to show when I'll be there). You can assign different colors to different calendars.

I'd like to be able to cut it in half and use it in my planner (classic size - pretty much normal letter size chopped in half), but I would be cutting Thursday in half. Any suggestions? Oh, for anyone that doesn't have a Mac, you may be able to try something similar with Google calendar.


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