Rob's classic planner and buxton hipster

So I guess this isn't anything too earth shattering, but I'm just so thrilled with how the hipster and GTD have been working out for me. I've been lurking and using GTD and D*I*Y*Planner pages for about a month now and have been refining my system to the point where I think I have something that really works for me.

Right now I'm using a classic sized binder as my home base and long term planning kit, and a Buxton jotter (not quite ready to spring for the Levenger and the Buxton works well enough for now) as my hipster.

Looking forward to continuing to use and refine my system as I go.

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Looks nice!

Nice job, very neatly done. I can't remember, does the buxton have a pen loop or did you mod it?

oops, sorry the picture is a

oops, sorry the picture is a bit deceiving that way. I just put the pen next to it, no loop or mod done. I've been thinking about adding one on there though. I don't suppose it would be too difficult.

GTD template

Where did you get the GTD template? I love it!

On this page, right

On this page, right here

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I can't wait to print it out!


Where did you purchase your Buxton jotter?

my artwork

I got it at Staples. Just 10

I got it at Staples. Just 10 bucks, a far cry from the 38 I was about to drop at Levenger. Maybe, if I keep up with this system, the Levenger will be a nice Christmas treat next year.

I have the one from levenger

I have the one from levenger and it really is nice - I actually hadn't been using it much until I saw how you were using it - think I'll drag it out of retirement.


where did you get the classic binder and the hole punch for it? i too am not yet willing to go levenger-prices, tho of course i yearn for their stuff!